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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

bug fix


its good and all but i can’t put songs i want on my post anymore i need that fix

Very disappointed with the app


Doesn’t let me change my pfp and change my user what’s is up with you Instagram???


john smith instagram fan

Pictures you can like and comment on

Instagram get it together


Can y’all please fix your app? like why can’t I use any of the filters or save any of my photos!!?? Why can’t I repost??? Can you fix this??!



Why so many followers and so few likes? What is keeping my posts from followers feeds? It’s terribly annoying. Please do something! It’s super frustrating and makes me want to use this app less



Why is Instagram trying to look like tiktok now. I hate everything about tiktok and it is disgusting.



I am furious with the recent update. You can no longer save reels into a collection. I always sort my saved posts so I can know where they are and what category to find them in later. This needs to be fixed. Please? I'm sure many other people agree with me as well.

Amazing app

helper mommy

Love this app

I wish i could do 0 stars

chdgfff dudgfhhfgghh

After two days i got banned and I didn’t even go on insta


yali yorkiesstar

The best !!!!!!!! Instagram ??