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Can you add more to the follow limit.



Video chat not working


I will rate a five if I can get my video chat back. I video chat with my friends



Well I don’t have much problems with Instagram besides it being out of order but my main concern is logging in, I haven’t been able to log into my account and everytime I try too it says “sorry there was a problem with your request” I keep trying and trying and nothing new it’s a really big issue when it comes to logging in and I need this to be pacth up so I can log in again



so i’ve been using instagram for years. i manage more than one account. i just had two of my accounts deleted for no reason! like nothing on there was reported or inappropriate. it was ridiculous! i had memories and important things on there. now they’re just... gone. i tried to verify my account with my phone number and no code ever came. this makes me think that the app is hacked or something...



I’m $kicoat. Whatever you think of me slightly is true but, the rest you shall find. Only be yourself. -W3t



It’s not letting me log back in

Improve and Optimize please

Olmo ©

1. You did a stable app for pc that nobody uses but not for the other millions of people that use iPads and keep on asking for it for almost 8 years? I’m actually starting to think the reddit app superior circumstances...Stop thinking about a 16:9 portrait future Instagram, it makes no sense. 2. YouTube, Reddit, Twitter etc. all have high quality photos and videos, when will you be able to increase the quality ig, it’s not hard at all. So please, even if this could take a few months, just please, millions and millions of users including me are waiting.


Johnny Laurens

So I have multiple accs and I was doing people on one of my accounts and I closed that and went back into Instagram a couple hours later and found that I couldn’t open the dms anymore. Anytime I clicked on one Instagram froze and I couldn’t get out of the dms list. I tried it on all of my other accounts but those ones work. This specific one doesn’t.



Great all around way to communicate with people.