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Love it BUT....

kdk jcjfnndmdkdkcmc

I love Instagram but y’all have got to remove the “suggested posts” on my normal posts from people I follow because idk bout everyone else but it annoys me to death if I wanted to follow those people i would, idc to see it in my IGTV videos I watch or things like that but when I’m sliding down through the people I follow posts and that ends and it says “view older posts or Suggested posts” it annoys me that’s all I’m sayin


erik chau

Really helpful

Worst app


Changed people and very inappropriate content



When I comment on lives people can see it

Cant follow back people


Its true that people who follow me i follow them back but there is a problem when i press follow i refresh and it rejects to follow the person my following count is stuck at 7,499

Can’t report spam comments.


Whenever I attempt to report a comment as spam, the app force stops on me. Please fix!!

Let me delete one picture from a series

Little Bean Boi

Ok Instagram - I love your app but I cannot allow myself to rate it well when I am unable to delete a singular photo out of a series of pictures and rearrange them. Ever have a serious ex that ended badly and you want them out of those pictures? Bam, done. Realize your eyebrows look ridiculous in an old picture? Solvedamundo! Uh oh.. mom doesn’t approve of that one pic.. solved without ruining the other pictures that you posted! Seriously instagram- there is absolutely no reason this feature should not already exist. I guarantee you millions of people will back up my claim. Please Instagram, trust me on this one, you’ll thank me later - the homie



Gracias por estar y por permitirnos expresar lo que sentimos.

App bug

verify id

App will crash if you attempt to report a post. I can't report literal porn because the app will crash even after uninstalling. not a good place for advertisers

hate the new layout

a gladiator

like everyone else i hate that the notifications are now up on the top right corner. they’ve been at the bottom for several years. was there a good reason to replace it with the shopping tab other than corporate greed? instagram is an app for connectivity, not shopping. also i don’t like that videos auto-scroll on the explore page. bad app design in general.