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“Unusual Behavior”


The app was great until it kicked me out for “unusual behavior” and said I had to follow steps so my account isn’t disabled. How is liking and saving posts unusual? How is posting pictures unusual? Not to mention I did the steps but it says the verification expired. And now I have to add my phone number to “get in.” Why not my gmail? Are you kidding me?

Its a good app but


It wont ket me get the new version, i try to uploaded but it just doesn’t work



I love Instagram but to many ads are appearing. All the time. Overall, it’s way better then Facebook. Keep up the great work people. Love, Michigan.

Needs to be fixed

Yss Draco

You guys need to fix whatever’s going on please. My account keeps getting logged out of and when I log in it takes me back to the log in page

5 stars when forced “Suggested posts” isn’t a thing


Get a clue Instagram. We don’t like it. We don’t follow those pages, we don’t want to see it. It’s transparent and gross. And now we can’t even snooze suggested posts for 30 days? Which should be a forever toggle in my opinion. The ? section is already this feature…. We don’t need unsolicited posts in our feeds. It sucked the first time you rolled it out. You got rid of it. It sucked the next time. And the next and so on. GET RID OF IT!


psychedelic 58

Thanks for your adivice on posting



y’all toke my paid partnership because of a bogus post that y’all said had a hate speech which i disagree with !!! you guys are taking away my way to make marketing by paid partnerships.. i don’t understand

Can’t reply my direct massages


Hi I’ve already updated my instagram version but I can’t reply the messages on instagram dm. While many friends of mine have the access. Could you please help me?

Instagram platforms hate speech


If you don’t kick the nazis out of your bar, you own a nazi bar. Enjoy sharing a platform with holocaust deniers and neo nazis. Facebook/instagram - the coolest and most efficient way to organize ethnic cleansing in the 21st century



I want this account verified