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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Uploads photos I don't want to my story


I love the app, just when I send a DM photo to one of my friends it will upload the photo I sent them on to my story for everyone to see, which is very annoying. Please fix this


Babydoll babe

It automatically updated now I can longer find my usual items. If it’s gonna update at least give a tutorial on how to use it now

Never got insta story update

simmer 27

My friends can post any photo they want. I’m STILL limited to posting photos from 24 hours. I’ve deleted, re-downloaded and it’s showing the same thing. Please fix this. -_-

Great app, terrible performance

Emperor Ethan

Every time I post to my story it freezes and I have to reset the app. I have to wait 30 seconds every time I open the app for it to run, and it frequently crashes for no reason.



Everyone else is able to post a song, and use the ask me a question feature, but I can’t. I’ve uninstalled my app many times and it doesn’t pop up at all! I run a media company Instagram and this is very unacceptable because this is how we engage with our followers and viewers

Sad boi

Ethan martini

I wanna just love but I constantly feel like this app brings me negative vibes for the wrongs reasons 😴😴😴😴🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

Question Sticker


I reported the problem of not having the questions sticker and I still haven’t gotten a response yet and this was over a month ago...the service for Instagram has been on the declines when it comes to reporting issues seriously.


Dave smarty

hey y’all I actually like insta just tryna plug myself lol



I can’t log into my account, and thousands of people can’t either

Needs improvement


I think that you guys should start putting people’s posts in chronological order because it I post something an hour ago and then posted something two days it will show the two day post but it will show the one hour post the day after I also think that you should start putting our posts to all of our followers instead of seven percent because we can never express our selves to the true gram but in my opinion it is an ok app