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scilence watcher

I mean it’s ok over rated as crap but I mean that’s typically how the bull crap goes

Had no idea it was so invasive

Erik Soong

This app pillages your health and financial information right off your phone. I can see why Zuckerberg was so afraid of Apple making users aware of this. I’ll just log in via web browser. They’ll still get my internet history, but that’s all they’ll get.

Not working


Hey instagram! I’m here to tell you I have a problem with getting Instagram on my phone

Bring back Reels add to Profile Grid


As someone that always miss clicked why have a remove from profile page but not be able to put a reel back on your profile. This has really given me a headache of messing up my profile layout. Please let us add reels back to our Profile grid



I've been using this app since 2013. Throughout the time period, I've faced a series of glitches and app breakdowns. I've been locked out my account multiple times and it randomly follows people I don't even know.

stop saving posted-posts

angel dust 🪐

this is seriously annoying and i never understand why instagram will always save your posted-videos right into your gallery when the video is already in your gallery. and now it’s doing this with posted-pictures. i’ve sent multiple feedbacks about this issue. please fix it.


hola jjjj

Me encanta



Completely biased censorship

Let’s get into this


Can we plsssss change the amount of photos we can put on a post. I’m thinking 15-20 because 10 isn’t cutting it for me. I feel like 20 would be better because I can post all my photos without have to do a whole separate post if you get what I’m saying. But yeah please do that it would be so awesome!

Report Function Buggy


I tried repeatedly today to report some deeply inappropriate and misinformative comments on a post and each time the app crashes. I updated the app but this didn’t help at all.