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I love that I can finally chat with my school friends

May 24 update better!


More stable, faster loading, no crashes. Made it through a days worth of posts without a crash.

Linked accounts and freezing


I honestly had no problem with the new update and design but now my Instagram keeps freezing on me. When I go to look at a pic or video it won't load and I have to refresh. Also, I click to link my pic to Twitter and it won't post to Twitter. I just saw the new update this morning and updated the app, I hope these issues are fixed.

Horrible update!


Instagram was great until this dumb update that seems to only let me see pictures from "2 days ago". I want the chronological time line back so I can actually see recent pictures. At least make it an option to choose between the two!

Was awesome until update


Instagram was an awesome, fun app until the update. Now, it is full of Glitches and the logo that used to be awesome is incredibly ugly. For example, Instagram will now show the incorrect amount of likes so I have to manually count. If you have it, DO NOT UPDATE

Icon is garbage.


So now each time I look at Instagram I get to see the same "popular" posts that I've already seen instead of seeing new posts? #lackofcommonsense



I actually like the new interface, but man has Instagram been full of bugs lately. Hashtags are a mess. And the algorithm is ruining it for me. I miss MORE posts than before because I get so irritated with "time traveling" through posts that I just quit trying to find where I left off. Overall it's a great app for photography and sharing, and I usually am not one to get all up in arms with social media changes. But these ones are frustrating. I'm using third party apps to see my feed chronologically and see all of the photos under a tag. Bummertown.

Never Update Feed Correctly


Now I've been on Insta since it started and now my news feed will not update correctly and my hashtags are lost! This was NOT a good move for Instagram at all and the new look is too Bright! Too flamboyant!!! Just fix the bugs and and bring back the old icon PLEASE! ?

Trash Logo


If I could zero stars I would, this new logo and UI are terrible