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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

What’s going on ?

A Lovver

The explore page keeps freezing and when I’m trying to type. I’m my wifi/data isn’t the problem either. Please fix these bugs soon as it’s driving me crazy that every 5 minutes I have to close the app so I can use explore page again. The insight section of the business insights is broken. It says on the home page one number but was no numbers in the insights page.

Small Suggestion For The Website But Great App!


I love this app it’s perfect for me to text my friends that do not have iOS so yes love it awesome ok. But I need DM’s on Internet! I know many people want it so please do it!

Could be better


Too focused on being more like Snapchat at times. They never fix bugs. My other instagram accounts do not have the poll, question, music, or anything option on story mode. It’s really a great app, but needs to put more time in their stories section.

the instagram app now its too bad

Louis Moe

this update its too bad we need before this one and please stope do update every someday we gonna hit this app instagram πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”


cassie menali

Ok instagram is really fun and everything and has pretty much been awesome until now. It shows that somebody just followed me but then it doesn’t update it on my feed and that is getting retarted ok?! Fix this and also get rid of all those stupid adds



This is a very nice useful app And I will always use it

Instagram is the best

Freind of insta

Instagram is so fun you get to chat with your friends you can call them and every thing Instagram is the best

No notifications


Can’t get notifications on my iPhone for some reason.... I have the latest update and I can’t find the “enable notifications” thing on either the app or the setting. Lol this is too funny like how am I supposed to enable it? If there’s no preference for that thing in the first thing

Almost Perfect


Everything is great, except for the fact that twice today I uploaded an Instagram story but it disappeared. Please fix this bug.



It is always fun to share with the community!!!β˜οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘