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Can you handle the pressure?
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Games Free Lion Studios LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Become a tattoo titan and spread the ink!

Are you ready to experience your inner rebel? Ever wonder what it is like to get a tattoo? Now you can experience it all without feeling the pain! Fill in hundreds of different tats for your customers. Try to get the picture as close as possible for them and don’t mess up!. Get ready to feel the satisfaction of watching your art become real tattoos! Relax and use your precision to point and aim the needle to fill in the shapes. So many satisfying vibrations! Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss an ink... Will you be the first one to tattoo them all?

Hundreds of objects for you to carefully size up, outline, and ink your customers. The final results will leave you feeling satisfied!

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Feel the satisfaction without the pain? The pictures are there for you. All you need to do is fill in the ink. Take your time and relax, it’s the simple.

2. Run your own Tattoo Shop
Keep the customers coming. Whether its a heart, a zombie, or a skull, there are so many tattoo designs for you to stencil.

3. Don’t go over the lines!!
Challenging shapes will test your precision. Can you beat each level in one hit?

4. Feel the experience
Feel every needle tap with the best haptics experience there is.

Whether you like tattoos or just want to draw some shapes, Ink Inc. will take you there. This is the best and most rewarding tattoo simulation game there is. Good luck putting down Ink Inc!

Music provided by Megatrax

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

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It’s good
love :) wolf

When I first tried it it was good but then I kind of got tired of it but I still like it but I still play it

Give mea add

Or I will turn into a karen


Good Game B-Day 03/12

It’s okay

The reason I’m giving it a three is because it has sooooooo many adds, other than that it’s a good game


Yea ma’am SUS

Ups and downs ?

Up down up down up down

It’s okay

Stop with the ads man. There are way to much

You can try it

I like it it’s stuff at the bottom and I don’t like it and it’s really fun it will also really difficult because when you’re trying to like make the tattoo it is hard because you have to be a perfect finger have to be steady and everything and that’s just not me I don’t really like it but other than that is a really good game you should try it


Good game it’s so fun



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