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Injustice: Gods Among Us is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Great but can I get.....


Robin!!! I'm a fan of Robin! Like give us a throwback Robin or Robin from Batman and Robin (1997) Yes the movie was horrible but that Robin suit was dope!!

Lots of energy..


It's the only game I enjoy playing..

Love it


One of the best smart phone games out there

It was better, now it's worse.


For quite a while I have switched between this game and the other mobile fighting game know as Marvel Champions, both were quite good but as I played on I found more problems. In this game I you are given a few starter characters, but as you progress in the "play" mode (which is kind of like a story mode) you eventually meet new characters. I've discovered that these characters are overpowered in their abilities compared to the starters. What? Someone's complaining about overpowered characters? But can't you just use them yourself? It would be better if all of the characters were equal in capabilities so that some levels aren't impossible. For example; you could still have different stats for attack and health, but make it so that it isn't completely unfair to other players. As in some characters could be more heavy with the attack side but have less health, more health and less attack, equal in both just not as high compared to the others, etc. Furthermore, some characters have blockable specialties while others do not. It's especially annoying against Harley Quinn when she uses her bag of tricks and automatically knocks out the other character. How come blocking is not effective against this? In contrast to catwoman who has a specialty attack that usually kills the other player in one move unless it is blocked. Wonder Woman is equally annoying when she has her gods shield. Why should she have a specialty usage when others don't? You may argue that she uses the shield to its full capability because she has it in the actual DC universe. However, why doesn't Green Lantern use his ring more often? Why can't he generate a shield on the spot since Wonder Woman can use her shield any time she wants? Besides making all the characters equal with different specialties (which should either all be blockable or unblockable), I have another suggestion. Maybe you could reward stronger characters as you progress so that the strengths aren't so uneven. How is it uneven? Well, when my starter characters are level 30 and max elite, why is it so much more difficult do defeat characters which are Elite I level 25? Shouldn't the Max Elite easily be able to take a character of this level down? I know that the company wants money, and that they want us to buy the stronger characters. Yet, by trying to force us into buying those characters by making the game impossible then some of the players like me will try to level up for a while, but then find the effort pointless. Why should consumers have to struggle with your game if they can simply move on to the next game made by the competitor company like Marvel Champions? I think I'll move on for a little while and just leave this two star review, just like many others can. The gameplay was fun at first, but it just loses its draw after a while.

I LOST Appitite playing this game


I don't like this game anymore because I lost progress witch means I lost all characters,coins and gear. I had doomsday which was really good. Then after the intro, it won't load. Now it crashes. I won't play this game anymore but mortal kombat x I will play

This is really fun


It's so easy to get a feeling for this game, it's hard to let go when you're addicted, and it's even harder waiting for the energy to recharge. Overall a great app for sure.

Wicked graphics


The graphics are totally top-notch in fact that's what makes it a lot of fun to play and I did purchase the full version and added some characters the only thing that I do wish is being able to challenge criminals and not necessarily fighting against your own. just doesn't make much sense this way. I haven't made it thru the game yet so I honestly don't know if there is a different way of fighting and if you are able to fight just criminals and there Isn't much of a storyline but that would be great too that they added a storyline to it. But other than that I totally enjoy this game and my hats off to the designers and creators who actually made this such a beautiful game to look at. The very best part is that it's yours, since you can play this game off line as well. Unlike Marvels Challenge of Champions which won't load without an internet connection.

Add characters


This game is amazing.It is very addictive.One suggestion is to add red hood or bring back the Arkham knight challenge and the Arkham knight packs.And it would be cool if you guys could put a militia tank gear card.And for the future put a scarecrow character in the store for 400k and Azrael.

Alsome injustice game

BiG HueB

This game is outstanding I hope they keep it coming with new ideas to upgrade the characters and gear.