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Injustice: Gods Among Us is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Good game


When this game came out the first I was one of the people who played for awhile the bailed because some of the part where to difficult at the time. But since the suicide squad update it brought me back with burning feeling in my thumbs.

I lovED the game but I can't play


I loved playing the game every day with my friends but now every time I load it up I see the Raven booster pack then after 3 seconds my game crashes please help I even deleted apps to see if it was a space problem and my friends injustice still work anyone else?

Add story mode


Luv this game but sometimes it gets boring and story mode would be 5 stars

1 star


I have put one star because even though I absolutely love this game, in the 2.11 version my game all of a sudden crashed and keep sending me back to homescreen. In the 2.11 update it let me play until the deadshot challenge was over. It kepts sending me back and now it acts like it never updated. It will show lex luthors speech and then the 100 coins booster pack and then boom it crashes and sends me back to my home screen. Please fix, i will rate 5 stars until fixed. Until further notice it shall stay 1 star



This app keeps on crashing ever time I open it... I have tried to delete and get the game again but nothing works, I like this game and would like to be able to play it. Please fix this now...



I love it... What else can I say. But there is one thing I want to say the prices are getting crazy.

Love this game


Been playing this game since 2013 and man I must say this is by far the best mobile game I've ever played

I can't even play it with the new iOS update

Cjon rilley

It's nonstop crashing when the update for iOS 10 came out please update


[email protected]

I can honestly say i play whenever I can

No requirements for challenges


Please keep the NO requirements

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