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Injustice: Gods Among Us is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment


Nah sunderedjdj


Needs help but good


IT will be really good if you could put the Arkham pack back i did not get my phone until January and if you can also update the previous challenge pack. Also the same thing is happening to me once i open the game it glitches and it does not you play except when you put airplane mode so can you please fix this problem in the next update please



Great game could use some fixes in multiplayer. And add more levels in the main game. Add more characters to collect to not just from multiplayer or challenge mode



The game keeps on crashing every time i play with wifi on , how i fix it !! Help me pleaseeeeee :(

Great game


This really is a great game. I highly recommend it.


Legendary Taco

This game is really fun and I have been enjoying it. After this update, my progress has been reset far back. I lost multiple gold characters and a lot of coins I've been saving up. Some of my characters were set back a couple of levels. It is really frustrating because I lost some of my favorite characters. Please fix this.


Xochilt icecream lovers

Except for the occasional glitches, this app is addicting and great for all DC lovers

Injustice is amazing


This is probably the best fame i have played on my phone, if not, one of the best. I think there packs r a bit to much money for people trying to grind but if that can be reduce maybe by a little that would be cool. I have a lot of fun playing this game, my info got lost from my first account but i decided i should restart instead of never playing, after all, cards do matter and so did all my progress, but this game is worth abd is fun enough to replay from the beginning, cant wait for them to add more cards to the game!!!

Great game

Anot Oren

Cool concept, love the do characters, not bad for iOS gaming



Hey remember when I told u if u give us a easy way to get energy refills I would give u a 5 ⭐️ well yea but one problem on my I phone it keeps laging please fix