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Infinite Zoom Art Find Object

Welcome to the scavenger hunt game! If you are fond of playing detective, finding hidden objects, and puzzle games, then this brain teaser is your best choice! In this free game, you will be a talented detective who is hunting mystery things like hidden weird objects by moving around the interactive maps. This game is one of the best brain test games you cannot miss.
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Games Free Vu Ngoc Hieu iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your mission is to focus on the requested item, do a scavenger hunt, step inside various locations with engaging scenes, and complete the tasks. Use hints to put your target and find it. You can also zoom in, out, and swipe through every corner of the map. Pay attention if you want to solve the objects puzzles and unlock new maps for free.

Becoming a talented detective is not easy, we know it! This brain-out game will have you improve your searching skill, hunting, and finding mystery things. Let’s search, seek, and find out hidden objects in fantastic graphics pictures. Hundreds of hidden objects await you to collect and unlock new levels No matter how challenging it is, keep trying hard and you will be a master.

- Zoom in and swipe through the map to collect all the hidden objects
- Start looking in every corner and search for anything that is weird
- Swipe the map and tap the hidden object to collect

- Vivid design and bright graphics
- Simple and smooth controls
- Multiple scenes and levels. Playground, animal park, ocean world, and more destinations are waiting for you!
- Boost your brain power and discernment

Are you ready to experience the most addictive hidden objects game right now? 
Quickly download "Infinite Zoom Art Find Object" to experience and become the best detective!!!


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