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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Filled with ads, awkward to use


Filled with ads, awkward to use and navigate, and worst of all - can’t properly scale content to device, which is a dealbreaker in a content driven app like this.

Used to be awesome


This app used to be great, but there have been a few updates that have made this app become less efficient and overall a pain. The ads are overpowering-while I understand that money needs to be made to keep things running, but it is beyond excessive-borderline becoming like television. The app is also consistently buggy, freezing and crashing frequently. The servers are overloaded seemingly endlessly. I continue to use it for the content-albeit begrudgingly.

Please fix


I’ve been a fan of imgur for years but your recent update has made the mobile version a wreck. I can’t browse more than ten posts before my phone is hot enough to cook an egg on. This has never been a problem before. Please fix it? I need my daily dose of degeneracy.

Too many ads


I have had and loved this app of years now but the recent update have riddled the app with ads. This alone wouldn’t be a problem but they are super sensitive and are constantly opening new web pages or redirecting me to the point where it is not enjoyable to use anymore. If you like the content and memes avoid the headache and just use the reddit app

This app no longer works


Recently, imgur added some new add locations in each post. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, as long as it doesn’t play any sound or affect my use of the app. Well imgur has failed miserably at this. These adds are questionable at best, often play unsolicited sound, and cause the app to crash so much that it is unusable. I have a brand new iPhone X and it feels like I’m running this app on a calculator.

Intrusive adds


Adds. Adds everywhere. Banner adds, adds in the middle of posts, pop up adds, audio adds that stop your music. Adds.

It gets worse every time


Let me first correct the description: Imgur is not the easiest way to discover spicy memes. There is a fresh batch of spambot posts every minute. Your phone is about to get slower, hotter, and most definitely less funny. Recent updates have proven the company has loss regard for its users and focused a little too much on how the can extract money by making viewing posts less user friendly by the minute. I understand that this is a free app and a business model must make money, but beware of floating ad bars, adds between every few posts, adds in the middle of threads, and so on. And they aren't just ads; they are intrusive, prompt users to download malware on the regular, show pornographic images, and freeze a post when they fail to load (which, again, is a common occurrence). When I joined a few years ago, I would have, without a doubt, given Imgur 6 stars. This is the only way we are able to speak up, as posts challenging the company are deleted within the app itself.

I used to love this site!


It used to be truly great, it was the perfect way to relax have a little laugh and catch up on news, no if you are trying to do that on mobile don’t even try, its turned into a money grab with ads put everywhere slowing down already bad servers. Im sorry you never got to see it in its glory.

Great app

Nacho Slaya

Imgur asks me every once in a while if I'd be willing to write a review, and this time I figured why not. The app is great, designed well, always works. Ads in longer posts are super annoying but what can you do? Huge fan of the site and the app!

Why why why


I listen to music a lot. And I connect my iPhone to Apple TV to have louder music. And sometimes I browsed imgur when doing this. But with the new app update, it plays YouTube vids instead of just displaying the music album cover. (Like what is usually does) I don’t even have YouTube open. So whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.