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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Smacks the Title field


This baby can fit so many ads.

Downloaded App Because I Was Gradually Forced To


I only wanted to view the website on my mobile browser. This became unfeasible as more roadblocks were seemingly deliberately thrown my way. Being passive-aggressively coerced into downloading an app I do not want makes me unhappy. For all I know, the app works just fine; I am merely disappointed in the tactics employed to make me download it. 1-Star, and *V* - jog on!



As of late, hang ups, freezing, and just flat crashing, have become the norm. Shame.

It's Imgur people!


So... love the app. Love the community. Absokdwohfrkalcjroolutely hate the adds. I would pay to not have my phone melt away after 15mins of browsing thank you. My data also thanks me when I place the phone down.

Getting worse


As of late there are more adds, the app lags often, and it over heats my phone. Imgur is slowly getting worse. As much as I enjoy it the problems are starting to over weigh the desire to log on.

I give up


Even with all the new ad placements I would still be on it everyday; however, I am deleting the app because of the bugs and a little hope that maybe if enough people delete it and show their concern then changes will start taking place.

Good site, terrible app


Crashes often, makes the back of your phone painfully hot, and sometimes it seems to overload the phone somehow, causes the whole thing stutter and freeze. Remarkably bad app. That said, the content is good enough that I use this terrible app anyways.

Update is garbage

An angry aardvark

I have been using Imgur for at least 5 years now. Back in 2013 it was amazing. But thanks to the new update that decided it would be a good idea to put ads in the middle of posts with more than 7 images. This update makes the app impossible to use after 30 minutes. Also a different ad reloads if you scroll back up through a post, which uses A LOT more memory & data than it used to. I don’t recommend downloading this app until they decide to at least make it more efficient. I understand ads are there to help pay bills, but this is interfering with the app performance.



Not gonna update. Nuff said.

How the great have fallen


Used to be a great app, and I didn't mind the ads at first but now there's so many ads. With many of them trying to give you a virus, and the developers do nothing about them sure they fix one thing but screw up another while refusing to listen to us.