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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Very cool but unpronounceable


One day I may learn how to actually pronounce it, but still the app for your daily dose of Memes, but like everything else the almighty dollar wins out in advertising It has to ruin everything.

Bye bye Imgur.


Ads. Malware. Crashing. Heats phone to burn point. Drains the battery. Eats data in the background. Not worth it anymore.



Ads everywhere that open without me tapping them, app is consistently freezing, and is generally ugly/not user friendly. Do not recommend.

Broken: Video thumbs only on Wi-Fi


I’m on cellular right now and it’s loading video thumbnails automatically

Unable to upload anything


This used to be a fantastic app, and I never had a problem with it. Sadly, all I get when I try to upload a photo now is a message saying “the server doesn’t know what to do”. Not much point using it if it doesn’t do the only thing I use it for.

Love the site but the App has issues


I really enjoy (translate: addicted) Imgur, but the application is certainly a test of patience. Constants lockup’s, slowdowns, and crashes prevent the five star rating it deserves.

Ads and crashes

Ant killer20

Love the app but ever since the ads came on, the app constantly crashes.

Adds to the brim


I’ll be happy to pay for a version of this app that doesn’t have so may adds now. For postings with multiple images, you get 1 add every 3 pictures, plus banner adds at the bottom, plus more adds in the comments. Further, the adds seem to be consuming a lot more data and power than ever before.

All the best features of a website from 2007


It’s honestly impressive how out of date and useless this app is. They don’t even have the excuse of “it’s a legacy app” because their app has less features than websites that predate reddit did. If you need to make memes from 2009 like success kid then this is the app for you.

Used to be better


Now I can’t tell the difference between an ad and a meme