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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Imgurians ftw!


Imgur is an awesome place for funny things, disturbing things, and crafty things! The community is wonderful and the app is perfect!

You Either Get It


Or you don't.

Crashing issue fixed!

Suppa puggle wuggle

Crashing has been fixed! App works flawlessly

Good app.


Goes hand in hand with Alien Blue. The community isn't too cancerous. Good app, and the layout is really nice for small and large phones.

Handy while on the go.

The Paulverizer

Great if I want to browse or post when I'm out and about.

Entertaining, but often stupid


I learn and laugh a lot due to this app, but there is a surprisingly large amount of idiocy which I can't understand how anyone would view it as quality of value in any field.

Double Standards!


They take down all images that have to do with Trigglypuff, but leave any up that insult Jesus and Christians in general. Hypocritical!

Fun app


This app is fun and serves the purpose of laughs and meme following.




Best app ever!


Best app ever. Love IMGUR.