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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Stalling swipe

atomic cake

It keeps stalling mid swipe to next pic

My man adolfus hielder


Ma man!

Used to be fine, now isn’t.


Too many invasive ads, app is too unstable now. Recent updates are terrible.

Used to be awesome,


but now this app is garbage. I don’t mind the ads because i understand they need money for the servers and workers. BUT the app has become so incredibly slow that swiping between one image to another can take an ENTIRE MIINUTE. It does nothing but lag, freeze and crash. And on every device I have used it on, it makes the device too hot to hold, and the battery is completely drained in minutes. It’s like they had a monkey slap a keyboard while the computer had the code open and once the monkey was done they released the code it made as this app.

Thank you!


Dryest of the dry [humor]. Just the way I like it!

Good app but


It constantly asks for a rating and review. I've grown tired of it asking so here it is.

Had to 1 star


You know when your first download it and you see the top trending and most popular things it seems pretty cool. But then you realize you can’t do some basic functionality in the air such as browse other categories. That’s a breaker. The app can’t load content from the categories? Users can’t choose which categories to look in? Hopefully the developers will get that fixed

Toxic community

Imgur has one of the most toxic communities on the internet! Post one picture of any kind and you will get overloaded with downvotes and hate comments!

Crude Society


There should be a button that enables a user to delete rude comments from their posts. I’ve received of nothing but hate while being on this app and I’m honestly sick of it. I’m only using it to upload photos of my own to copy the links of it and email or text or message through the internet for my friends, family, etc. But everything I post is being attacked and when I report the comments, nothing happens. I had to go delete several posts. The pictures I hadn’t deleted, I had to change their settings to ‘hidden’ just so that I could avoid unnecessary hate.

Doesn't respect notification preferences


For some reason, imgur can't seem to figure out how to respect the notification preferences in the app, electing instead to spam users with whatever they feel should have your attention (read, what they're now promoting for profit). Fine. I've turned off all notifications. What now, imgur? I'll be honest. I used to imgur a lot more, and that's why I have the app. But since the company's culture has changed and they're disrespectful of their users, I'm done with them. Imgur is now just an image host. I'll explore content and commentary on reddit, as it should be. The app only stays to be able to upload things easily.