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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

It's great

Hilton King

If you like funny stuff and commenting on it, come to imgur. You won't regret it. It's one of the best sites and apps out there.

Agervating update.


App works fine ads arnt that big a deal. Only flaw that makes me not want to use it anymore is it will only display a set number of images and then it stops. As new ones are posted I cant see older ones limiting my browsing time.

Amazing app!!


Easy to use. Stable. Can't wait for more features to be added.

Great app


This app has made a lot of boring times entertaining. Thanks guys.

The place for friends...


to make fun of each other, support each other, in every way possible. Youll love it!



Giraffes. Cats. Puppies. Dickbutt. Michael Cera.



Nice job imgur


Dr crashy

This app is just a shell of what it could be, but App Store policies changed it too much.

Can't access the app, keeps crashing on startup


I love imgur, but I cannot access any content since the update. I attempt to open the app and it crashes.

App crashed


Bug? Please fix.