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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

Getting worse


First the invasive ads, now it glitches every five pictures. If you’re going to bombard us with ads, at least make the app work.

Inferior to the mobile website

Dr. Missile

I look at imgur for images not for comments. If I want comments I’ll look at reddit. The problem with the mobile app is that each post is cluttered with other annoying and unwanted information such as comments, links, and tags and there is an unwanted toolbar persistent at the bottom of the screen. The result is that only 50% of the screen is dedicated to the actual image. Also, on the website, if you click the ‘view more’ button, it expands the the additional posts inline. The app takes you to a different page, requiring going back and forth a lot. Personally I hate this and much prefer the contiguous browsing experience of the website. All in the app provides an very unpleasant image viewing experience. As an aside, that you can no longer hide the ‘view in app’ button on the mobile website is pretty effing obnoxious. How bout this- make the app better than the website, catering to my and I assume others desire to view images more fluidly.



UI on the site are smooth, but the ads are all clickbait and irrelevant.



Ads ads ads ads ads

Ads way too aggressive


Trying to enjoy posts like I usually do but I get ads for Iberostar every 3 seconds that take over the screen for several seconds. I get the need to use ads but I don’t even how this is acceptable? Basically pointless to even open the app now.



Community is cringe, the developers can’t decide what direction they want the app to go in so they keep changing it, everything on here comes from Reddit or is a 5 year old joke. Only use for it is as an image hosting service.



The post are boring anymore. Only reason I’m here is out of habit, and I don’t know where else to go, just when it gets good you remove it

Cannot open


App doesn’t open unless you sign in. The skip registration option is gone, rendering this app useless



Enjoyable and imaginative. Highly recommend.



There are no albums on mobile and also the mods have lost their mind with how much they censor stuff. I am bringing to believe I am living in a Islamic state