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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.



I like this app more than iFunny, you can find more than just memes, and there’s a higher chance that your posts will get seen, with the useful preference feature imgur offers. Also in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced image-er



Just like every other “social media” app out there, stupid, trolls, retardation, that is all.


Oli lechuguilla taters

It’s just all toxic. This is a place for posting pictures of anything and anything to do with fashion gets hated on by the toxic neckbeard community

Terrible App that does nothing ever about hate speech


Don’t use it, they generally let hate speech run rampant and will do nothing about it.

Intrusive ads


Ads are very intrusive, they open when you don’t click on them and I feel like my phone got aids because of it.

App is unfortunately garbage

Serious Cyclone

Imgur is great, the Imgur app is awful. Constantly freezes, hangs, and reboots to the top page. The ads that get shoved in are sometimes impossible to avoid - if you breathe too hard on the screen when an ad is visible (which Imgur helpfully sprinkles into pic dumps so you’re never more than a scroll away from one), it will open and interrupt everything you’re doing. Imgur is being killed by Imgur. Oh well.

Video ads with sound


Video ads with sound jump at you when you least expect it. They are evil. I’ll browse the desktop site to block them.



Tuff crowd here on Imgur! But I’m hopeful and loving the process.



Until Imgur quits with the scary movie ads - I’m out. Do you know what it’s like to lay in bed and keep scrolling passed an ad that includes a demonic nun? It’s terrifying. I am scared. Please make it stop.

Great... until adds were introduced


Loved imgur. Now I have to constantly close adds that I’ve accidentally clicked while scrolling in the app.