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Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker is free iOS app published by Imgur, Inc.

As a long time user, new updates have ruined the app


The horrible advertising has caused the app to be unusable. Every post is effected and even scrolling though the posts will force an ad. Devs, you are killing your audience that you’re so desperately trying to tax. You may find that you will have no one to see your ads


transportation 4121

Best site for relaxing and clean entertainment.

Uploads fail


Uploading always fails with this version.

Takes forever to upload

Professional Cool Cat

Title. This takes way to long to upload pics, and half the time it ends up not working even after the wait. Imgur is very useful, but not when I can't use it.



It used to be a great app. Now it’s ad ridden and will redirect you to random malicious sites that will 10/10 give you viruses.

I love this app, lol some great pics and information here

SmokingAce 66

Loving this app, thanks

Only for the Dankest of the Dankest

xxxLike A Bossxxx

UWotM80?!?! The best apps for when I’m taking the biggest smelliest dump!!!

Stop giving me push notifications for the feed


I turned off notifications that have nothing to do with my posts or me being mentioned and I still get a push notification for the feed every other day

Too many Ads


I love imgur. But with the recent updates I have seen too many advertisements. The ads are every other post, at the bottom of posts of in between posts. Too much ads have deterred me from using the app.



This app doo doo