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Long time user disappointed

After being a user for years I finally deleted the app. It’s just become so toxic with the political garbage and suppression of free speech. It was a place to catch a laugh and find internet gems. Now it’s just a bunch of political hate with no escape. I hope you clean up your act because I’d love to come back.

Wow! All unique names taken?

Suggestions don’t work either 😳

Still can’t upload gifs
Blue Dragon's Chainmaille

Still can’t upload gifs I’ve made out of pictures. Didn’t use to have this problem and I’ve noticed others are not having this problem from what I can see. Starting to think they are pulling a TikTok on me... with shadow banning. I don’t make rude or nasty gifs and if I did, they wouldn’t go on imgur anyway. I’m going to start sharing my problems with this app on Reddit so I can see if this is happening to others too. And if they have anything I can learn from. r/DumpZone4allBadApps hope some one there has some insight for me. 10/15/2020,5:37pm.

Got Censored

If you do not align with the hive-mind socialist agenda of the left, then you will get censored by Imgur very quickly. And their support staff wont even respond to correct the issue because they, like those on the left running major tech companies, totally agree with censoring opposing ideologies and viewpoints. Very sad world we live in

Long time lurker

We want sauce and we want it now. Struggling to separate itself from Facebook and popular click bait, Imgur has done a pretty solid job of holding people accountable for just posting for likes. Can we look beyond our own problems and try to help others in need? Yes, and this community does a pretty solid job when it comes to appreciating talent and realizing everyone has a story. We have regrets and this community will listen. Advice and a solid username away from getting all the fake internet points that mean nothing. Five stars and an upvote from me

iOS 14 Keeps Crashing

It keeps crashing while browsing newest, most popular UserSub and Front Page.

Audio Problems

If you are listening to another app for music, such as Spotify, do not watch videos in the Imgur app with sound on. I have been unable to resume music playback after doing so, unless I close the Imgur app and lose my place.

Imgur slowdowns

My iPhone 8 starts to stutter, hard, when imgur's been on for more than a few minutes. I often spend hours on there and now it's suddenly a horrible experience and I have to get up and use Imgur desktop. (that last bit was a joke, but the app really has taken a huge performance hit recently) UPDATE: My phone stutters to a halt, forcing me to wait up to 10 seconds between actions. It takes 30 seconds for me to reach Imgur in the app switcher. I kill Imgur app. Everything suddenly returns to normal. I think Imgur has bad ads, or a memory leak.

Needs fixes

The app used to work much better. Now every time you exit the app or lock your phone, when you reopen the app it won’t save your place. If you are reading through a longer post and need to look away for a second you will immediately lose the post you were looking at and be dumped back into the Home Screen. It never used to do this and now it makes me not want to use the app any more.

Fix this app

The only app that warms up my phone and seriously drained my battery. iPhone XR running IOS 14.