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Leftist propaganda
pepe brite

This app used to be funny, now its all partisan politics and an outlet for people with Trump Derangement Syndrome to spew their nonsense. Sad.

iPhone Heat Issue
Ty Voegele

Every time I open this app it’s molten hot within 5 minutes of browsing the app.

App works fine, Community is trash

App works fine, Community is trash

Nice content

Content nice

Wet slow load times.

The latest release for iOS has made load times very slow and many videos just fail to load at all. What happened? What can I do to improve my addiction with Imgur?

Heat issue, ad problems

I really love Imgur as a community, and I enjoy the content it provides. But it’s only enjoyable if you can access the content, which I no longer can. 1) Ads are ridiculous full-page interruptions to browsing. If you touch any part of the page besides the “skip” button, the ads will launch Safari and then the App Store. 2) My phone is hotter than the surface of the sun after using this app for 10 minutes. I have an iPhone 7. It is otherwise totally functional, and has been a dream to operate since I deleted the Imgur app. 3) This app running in the background would cause other apps to crash. 4) When browsing, if I left the app for a few seconds to check a text message or something, I could not return to the last image I was viewing. It would restart the app and I’d have to go hunting to find where I left off. I’ll try again in a few months in hopes they will have figured something out to make this app accessible for its purpose.

Needless negative reviews

I’m posting just average everyday pictures or things I need to for time stamps and get tons of negative downvotes from negative people who have nothing better to do with their lives outside of being needlessly negative to others. Useless feature for imgur, just more nonsense.

Too many pop up ads that redirect

Theres too many ads that automatically redirect you to an app. Whats so annoying about it is that it opens a tab on the internet then automatically redirects to app store. When I told support they told me to just report every ad that shows up. Theres too many ads to report every one.

More politics than memes

If your looking for funny pictures and memes keep looking. All you’ll see here is what trump said yesterday.

Leftist memes

Only leftists memes, don’t say there’s only two genders Bahahaha

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