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IMDb is the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

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Very useful

I like having the info at hand

Best app ever!

I love IMBD! It has become one of my favorite and most often used apps. I’m constantly discovering new movies and shows. It is a giant wealth of information.

Please bring back age display

(8/7/18) Six updates since the feature was removed and the “living” actor’s age is still not displayed with the birthdate. . I’ve been using IMDB since forever. First on a PC, currently on the iPhone app. Removing the actor’s age, specifically from the iPhone app is a questionable modification. When looking at the various actor’s information, birthday is nice but a quick age display lets me zip throug various actors without having to resort to math to get their age. You display the age for those that passed away, why not display the age of the living? Please bring back that feature. 4/3/18 update... I just installed the 8.8 update. Didn’t fix the age display that many users are asking to be restored. I’m taking away another star. 4/23/18 update... Installed the latest update 8.9. Still no age display that many users are asking to be restored. Why take it away? Losing another star. 4/26/18 update... Installed the latest update 8.9.1. Still no age display restoration. Your excuse for removing the age was.., “We’ve removed ages for living persons from Name pages in order to unify our experience across web and apps”. That excuse is ridiculous as the age display was in the app and I believe the web version for a long time. I’ve been using IMDB for years, first the web site, then, once I got an iPhone, the iPhone app. Please put the age back in the iPhone app and web site. I mean, you display the age in the “Born Today” section, why not in the main page for the Name page? I’ve been a programmer for over 30 years and if I was told to remove something as simple as an age display, I would comment out the code because I believe the feature would be put back after enough people bitched about it being removed. I believe that if you actually polled your users they would want the age display restored. Oh, I’ve taken away another star. I do really like the app. I use it constantly to look up actors and movies. At many times I’ve found myself on the web site or app for over an hour or more. I want to restore your stars. Update 6/6/2018 ver 8.11 Still no return of the age display. I see a lot of reviews asking for the return of the age display. C’mon, that was as really good feature. I still can’t understand why you folks removed that feature. It was a simple, common sense feature that you already had for years. It took up hardly any space on the display. You kept it in the born today section but removed it in the most accessed display panel that people first look at. Update 8/7/2018 ver 8.14 I’ve skipped reviewing for the last two updates where you STILL have not put the age with the actors birthdate for those still living. I still see other people requesting that you restore that feature. I don’t understand why that feature was removed in the first place. Please restore the age display with the DOB. Thank you!

Excellent...but video player is frustrating

I love the app across the board except for one thing: it's almost impossible to skip back in a trailer video. For the life of me I can't grab that slider and move it either direction; instead my finger attaches to the floating video itself and I move that around the screen...which is useless. Please fix that video in place so I can use the slider or (better) add gestures (e.g. double tapping on either side of the screen, swiping either direction, etc.) or shortcut buttons to skip back 10 seconds at a time. The video player really needs to be improved in this area. Thank you!


Love Al Pacino but the movie was terrible. The other detective has played in other movies can't remember which one's. But wow this was terrible

Could use more of the full site functionality

Update — 07/31/2018. Still needs advanced search options in the app. This app is okay but it would be great if the Company Credit and Advanced Search Options, like Collaborations and Overlaps, were available in the app.


I rely on IMDB for everything that I watch and everything that I will watch


This seems like a lazy complaint, but when the app updated when looking up actresses and actors the birthday and year are still there; but the age beside it has been removed. It sound lazy, but it was very convenient. Other than that I really enjoy this app otherwise.

Trusted ratingsy

I won’t go to see a movie without checking here first. I prefer an 8 but high or mid 7’s can be enjoyable films as well.

Love the app but,..

I wish they would still list the age of celebrities