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iLive - Live Video Streaming

Simply and easily broadcast HD video to your favorite Live Streaming service from anywhere.
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Photo & Video Free Charlie Pryor iPhone, iPad, iPod

Simple and easy to use add a ingest server of your choosing add your stream key and one button to go live. The app will try to maintain the best quality possible for your viewers during the changing of bandwidth while you stream.

Simple Settings give you all the control you need over your broadcast letting you choose how much data and resolution to use as well as other various settings options.

See Broadcasting statistics while live!

Add a RTMP url to the app and it will stream to the end point that you choose.
- Youtube
- Mixer (Beam)
- Twitch
- Facebook Live
- Periscope



He doesn’t work


Real easy to use! Nice

Doesn’t work

The application does see the GoPro right away but doesn’t allow broadcasting since it contains no placement for a stream Key. Thought by paying the subscription you would get that panel to open up but it doesn’t. Hate when apps have misleading information and it has a 4.5 star rating 🤷🏼‍♂️.

Doesn’t work

There is no where to put the YouTube stream key so it won’t connect.

Don’t Buy This App - doesn’t work at all

I paid $10 for the app to stream videos. the app leads you to believe it will act like Samsung TV CAST but with a 4.5 Star rating and all of the web streaming icons you’d think it’s got to good right? WRONG It just opens your camera with absolutely no navigation or web browser functions to access Google or Youtube etc ... its a total RIP OFF I hope I can get my $10 back .. :( Zero Stars!


big dog


I did not like this app at all

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