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IKEA is free iOS app published by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.


Anoying ad's

When I review the item on the App the item says “in stock” then when I checkout it magically isn’t in stock. Seems to keep happening for the last few weeks.

Excellent app!


Nice and easy app. I love it and enjoy it. Well done IKEA. Not only your products are beautifully designed but your app too!

Love it


Flawer Lili

Very useful

bba yjoi

Prices are good and quality

Very clumsy app

The Fountain of Wisdom

I don’t like this app at all. While the layout is simplistic, there are several bugs that make it a pain. For example, if I want to bypass shipping and go direct to click and collect? The app demands you put in a shipping zip code when I don’t want to ship. This is just one of several annoyances that make me hate the app despite loving the actual store.

Show if I’m stock


Show if product is in stock before we try buying it

Love it!

Sara L Allen

Love this app, perfect part of my home deco planning

Love the new app!


I love the bee app! It’s so easy to use and sleek! So glad that I can finally complete my order in the app!



ово смо чекали живели!

love ikea


best home stuff there is! And the prices can’t be beat!