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iHealth Gluco-Smart is free iOS app published by iHealth Labs Inc.

Edited: Fixed! Update glitch: won’t sync with Apple Health

a catholic Christian in flyover country

Edited 3/1/18: Sync restored and it’s retroactive. Thank you! Raised the rating by a star for that. It’s a great product and app, and I will probably raise my rating back up to 5 stars after seeing how the rest of things go with this update. —————- Original 3-star review: App quit syncing with Apple Health after latest update. Otherwise a generally useful app. Developers haven’t responded to earlier emails, so only three stars for now.

Great Meter great app!!!


Love the meter and the App. They were quick to respond to a bug and squashed it!

Economical supplies, but an UI problem.


Have been using this for over a year, but recently the app has refused to adjust the rotation. I use it on an iPad Air and the portrait orientation is NOT going to work for the meter. Quick readings and economical supplies that closely matched the “other guys” readings (in my limited comparison).

I like this App


I love that I can manually enter my numbers effortlessly and have it written to Apple Health. I won’t use the GM I have one already. Just wish it would loose the add to buy one of their GM devices. Perhaps allow it to be up to the user to opt out and not see it again. If they want it they should be able to go to the app settings to find and buy.

Can’t sync my align


I just got this today and my iPhone is the updated iOS 11.4 version so how come when I am trying on my phone to sync my new align up it keeps saying either that it has timed out or it just goes from a loading circle to nothing? Please response to this. Thank you!


DeDe Casey-Caro

How do I share my progress with my doctor on my patient portal in healow app so she can see my BG? I’m ready to delete this app and just go back to seeing her once a month because this is highly frustrating. Also I’ve been using a different app and I want to input my past info on this app but it’s not allowing me. Can anyone help me please and thank you. I really love the layout of this app so I’m hoping to give 5 stars if I’m able to get it to work with my patient portal.

New update is horrible


The new update is absolutely horrible. The app does nothing but crash!!! This is the worse update to date. I am unable to take check my sugar levels because the app won’t load and when it does it just crashes. A pointless update.

Align Glucometer


Hey, I have been trying to set my align glucometer, but I’m unable to. It says times out error 301 after I connect it with my phone(iphone8 plus). Help

Checksum unable to scan


Can’t scan strips or vial. Confused why I need to and unable to proceed. Could use better user guide for errors. Would be nice if it worked. Unsure why I can’t use on iHealth main app.

No Landscape mode available for iPad as shown in examples. Bad Service


No Landscape mode available for iPad as shown in examples. Terrible Customer Service. No plans to fix. Must be interested in money only App updated and still no landscape mode as shown in App Store. It may be time to contact Apple.

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