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IGTV is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.


Mask Queen

The news said you were like YouTube. I was really hoping for more of that type of teaching video. This is nothing like that. Just a bunch of people showing off. I'm deleting you.

سيء جدا .


مخيبة للامال لم اكن انتضر هذا من طريقة التحكم بها الفديو لا يصغر يبقى بشكل كبير ... هذه ليست صفات الانستغرام وضع شيء سيء 👎👎👎

Portrait-mode videos!

crybaby ghoul

finally someone stopped caring about computer screens and tvs and made a video platform that’s designed for smartphone use ❤️

Nice app


It will be better if we can watch on TV like YouTube where you enter a code to pair with

got potential

bow janglez

It's off to a good start...would suggest maybe adding a "next video queue" instead of sorting or search through rows of videos. Still not sure what the purpose of the standalone app vs having access through the native app.

Okay for now..


I’d suggest to have a double-tap feature to rewind/ffwd 3-5 second increments. Scrub feature is good as it is, but that double-tap capability is good for skipping a few seconds forward or back. One other thing FB & IG is missing is the playback speed option YouTube has—it definitely helps to breeze through a talk, esp ones that have long monologues/pauses in between. My current 2 cents I’d hope you’d consider 🙌🏼 good work guys 👊🏼💥

Vertical videos don’t make sense


It’s a fine app but vertical videos are just dumb. Why not just take it horizontally and capture more information in the image?

Amazing App


It is really cool how you can watch other influencers not just in YT.

Keeps crashing


I cant upload anything. As soon as I choose a video, the app crashes. The worst.


Anna Andy

Change to Look like other apps