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IGTV is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Can’t upload


I’ve tried to upload videos in multiple locations, on WiFi, off WiFi, etc. videos seem to fail to upload with no reason why. The interface is also a little weird for me still.

Can’t upload keeps crashing


Keeps crashing while I try to upload a 22 second video.

Promising, But Lacks Intuitive UI and Community That Encourages New Creators


I very much want to see a Facebook product put a chip in YouTube’s monopoly, and I think that after a few tries, IGTV might have a chance. The beauty of vertical video is it’s going to be nightmarishly hard for the corporate creators that took over YouTube to reformat practically. The problem with IGTV is that it aspires to compete with YouTube by acting like Snapchat. For starters is one of the problems that makes Snapchat impractical for most content creators, and a problem that’s all too familiar to Facebook products, and it’s something that despite it’s simplicity, only YouTube ever gets right. There’s no search feature. IGTV relies entirely on auto play based on what it thinks you’ll like, and its search engine only navigates usernames. This makes it next to impossible to find niche content, as there’s almost no way that Instagram will auto play exactly what you’re looking for based off of popular users and people you follow. Another issue parallels Snapchat’s explore page. Users with millions of IG followers are pushed like crazy by the system. I don’t want to watch 10 minute workout programs made by vegan Californians. IGTV wants me to. An irrelevant ad can be forgiven, but when an app’s primary content is irrelevant to its consumer, that spells trouble for the service itself. I trust that Instagram will be reading these reviews and fixing these issues shortly, and IGTV is promising for being a week old, but if Instagram doesn’t want to lose traction it needs to offer monetization for creators, a way to access specific content and an opportunity for the little guy to grow a fan base. Until it fixes these, it’s doomed.

No Viewer Control


IGTV just launches me into any video of a follower without me selecting it. Big issue for me when you reveal to them that I started watching. No way to remove videos I’m not interested in watching. Without some control I won’t use this feature/app.

Don’t allow horizontal video


This app is great and to all the people who want horizontal video please be quiet. The whole purpose is to give us “vertical video”. Take your butt to YouTube if you want to watch something sideways. STOP COMPLAINING! Generation whiners.

Almost perfect...


This app is a great idea, and I think it’s great that we finally have a good vertical video app. Unlike most others, I actually enjoy vertical video. However, it seems like this is more for people who have a large following. The categories are, “For you”, “Following”, and “Popular”. I would like it for newer people to have a chance on igtv, because as it stands now, it seems to be only for people with a lot of followers.

Uploading doesn’t work


Does this app support videos made in iMovie? I spent a stupid amount of time editing a video only to fail in uploading it to IGTV. Super frustrating!

Make it fit!


Pretty good new start but with using with iPhone X it feels cheap cause the videos don’t take advantage of the edge to edge display...update this...needs it bad!

Constant crashes

The Amazing Dolby

Every time I try and upload a video, the darn thing crashes. And this is only at the point when I am typing in the title of the video. It’s 2018; these types of things should not be happening.

I see a lot of potential


This is one of the first updates in a while that has excited me on Instagram. I don’t think this would out rule Youtube anytime soon though. I think people are forgetting all the benefits users get on there and IGTV so far is not something people have warmed up to but I do feel if the app is continually updated for more user friendly usage it could go far. A couple suggestions. Videos should not auto play as soon as you step out of a video there’s like no home section so the video just keeps playing in the background until you press pause. It’s a bit obnoxious if not a lot. Also I agree with others who have mentioned that we should just be able to view peoples thumbnails larger instead of the video right behind it. I think also after a while once a person has a lot of videos scrolling will be annoying if it stays left to right. It would be better for the thumbnails to be vertical scrolling up and down. The interface does need a lot of work but the concept is good I would say great but we need more time to see. I do really like that the igtv icon automatically appears on your IG profile once you upload a video. The only thing with updating IG users when new videos are uploaded on to IGTV it may get annoying that the icon stays highlighted at the top of the screen even once a user leaves the Instagram app and refreshes. I think it should just notify once like IG LIVE and then disappear. Or have a section where you can see new content uploaded on to IGTV from the original Instagram app. You can tell a lot of people are just hopping on to IGTV just to clear the notification and they’re not watching the video. I think the notification should feel optional and not forced. I can deal with the fact that you can’t edit videos on IGTV but in the future it would be a nice feature if made simplistic. I think the app needs to aim into being VERY user friendly almost dummy proof because people don’t have a lot of patience for complicated formats on apps. Lastly can we please be able to edit our titles and captions on the IGTV videos! I can tell that will be annoying if we have a typo we can’t fix. Thanks and good luck IG! We’re rooting for you!