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IGTV is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.



I Rated It 4 Stars The Only Reason I Did Not Do 5 Was Because Of Only Vertical Videos Please Allow Landscape Videos A lot More People Would Like That If You Could Do Both At Least Make A Pole For People To Vote If They Want It Or Not

I don't get the point


This app seems kind of counterintuitive considering the fact that IGTV is implemented in the standalone Instagram app.

Instagram TV

tech pro 898

I Loved This App

Upload keeps crashing

Mr Pedrino

Also, no way to search for videos 🤔

Can’t upload even when specs are correct


My uploads fail every time. They are the right size, and I’ve tried every different avenue to upload but nothing works. This is for two business accounts I use and it is affecting my job.



Will there be a way to find new channels through categories like food channels, couples channels, or gaming channels etc. At the moment it’s a difficult to discover new creators that are using the igtv platform fully with its vertical feature.

Needs editing options!


One feature that would really help a lot of users would be to rotate videos! The ability to rotate a landscape video to fit into the vertical format of IGTV would help a lot of users! Please please please develop this option! Love the concept and potential for growth with IGTV!

It’s a start... something refreshing!


IGTV is an impressive concept, however it feels only partially complete. It’s a great start to a video streaming app, but it does lack some features of the competition. Video archive lacks as of now, though as more Instagram users use IGTV I expect this to improve. The number one problem that I have with IGTV is the search function. Search is poorly designed in IGTV, rather than searching for creators, allow us to search by video/topic. For instances, if someone likes interior design, they should be able to search “interior design” and have a list of videos appear that are relevant to that particular search. As of now you must search by creator, which in reality is unintuitive, making video streaming in IGTV uncomfortable. As of now, it feels more like a public listing of Instagram users’ archives. Great start, but could improve!

No Access to IGTV Thru Instagram


I still do not have access to IGTV from the Instagram app. The new IGTV “button” that is on everyone’s profile is not on mine. Updated app to most recent version, deleted app, reinstalled, nothing works. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Def. needs more functionality


I like the concept. But there are some needed improvements here. Need to be able to do landscape vids. Most people are already accustomed to this (especially for longer vids). Also need to have the “Live” option for doing streams on the go. If you really want to get that true “YouTube” type base on this platform, these along with some other functions is the only way that will happen. You guys have a great opportunity here to grab a lot of creators who are just burnt out on the YouTube scene. Don’t blow it by ignoring what your audience is asking for. We want you to succeed!!!!