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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Ties it all together.

Cookin' on the coast

Great solution for integrating various “smart home” devices. Amazon Alexa, Hue lights, Simplisafe Security system, Vesync wifi plugs, Arlo Cameras, Emerson Thermostats and Harmony remotes all interact. Example - Alexa arms my Simplisafe Security System which arms my Arlo system. It a specific Arlo Camera detects motion on the side of our house it turns on an office light via VeSync and a eve mounted Hue flood light on that side of the house.

I love it


I am using to get my Livescribe notes into my CRM! Outstanding.

Top must have


IFTTT is one of the most useful tools for all sorts of uses. I use it smart phone automation, from turning off wifi when away from it to profiles or sounds or brightness by time or location. Works seamlessly between iOS, Android or online. Most useful recently was getting smart home devices that doesn't normally work with my system to work with the help of IFTTT.

Facebook shows ‘can’t show image’ or ‘image not available’


I’ve tried various integrations, but no matter what I try, Facebook posts can’t or won’t show the post image. I can’t find much help or logs so I’ve disabled all integration. So 2 stars.

Evernote triggers don't work


I have a few triggers that do work but my primary reason for using this app was to move specified notes from Evernote into Day One. Have created the applets, run "check now" with apparent success but the applets have never run. Very disappointing.

Very Interesting


Just recently discovered the app and a lot to learn very very interesting. If it had 100 stars I would give it 100 stars

Great App- developers-Bug?


Love this app. Use it literally every day. Just wanted to point to a bug I think i came across. I know this isn’t the place to point it out, but I couldn’t for the life of me find any other way to contact you. (Another “bug”?) Anyway- I noticed my Alexa service was triggering all of my tiggers from about 8pm last night to 2am this morning. I’ve confirmed that these were not actually coming from Alexa- as the Alexa app did not register these as commands given to any of our devices. None of the Ifttt triggers completed their sequence, so we didn’t see any physical evidence of this happening- only when looking into the activity section of he IFTTT app. I think this then caused some bugginess when I tried to call on my devices to “Trigger good morning” this lazy Sunday. Thanks!



This is so dang useful!




Too many

Edmond, OK

Too many emails