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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc


its ugly af

i like

Make your phone work for you


This app is great and makes using my phone even easier




Not reliable

Jean Huang Photography

I have some applets set up to post Instagram posts to my Facebook page and Twitter account. I have to always stay on top of it to make sure it does what it’s supposed to. A few times, when I performed the “check now” function, it sort of woke it up and the applet would run. But in the last few days, nothing would make it work and it’ll crash right after it performed the “check now” function. It’s been days since I found out about this issue and I don’t see any sign of improvement yet.



Won’t f*ing work

Pretty much useless

Joe Easterly

I don’t want to wade through thousands of other peoples applets when I know exactly what I need and want to create the applet for myself. The ability to create an applet has been either removed or buried as an Easter egg so I have to use the website to do it. The whole point of IFTTT is to have set-it-and-forget-it workflows, and since you can’t set it, you might as well forget it. This app is basically useless.

Design nightmare


It used to be easy to get started. Now I literally can’t figure out how to create a new applet from scratch. No idea how to set up new services.

Confusing interface


The service does a decent, if laggy, job of connecting various devices and having them work in concert. However, the interface is a confusing mess. The recent redesign hasn’t helped. It’s hard to tell what’s on or off. A monochromatic palette doesn’t help when contrast (how about a red/green dot to indicate what’s on/off?) is needed to tell the state of applets. A simple list of ones applets on the home screen would help a lot. I would use something else if I had a choice.

Great service terrible app


Terribly confusing app. Couldn't even see my existing widgets easily. Really bad Navigation. I think they are trying to make it cool, but it's taking focus away from the main product.

Why so hard to create new custom applet?


It used to be easy to create a new applet by selecting the trigger, then choose an action. Now it seems to direct you to find one that’s already created and makes it hard to find where to create custom applets. TERRIBLE UI!

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