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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Useful and fun

doctor marge

Whether you want to know if the international space station is passing overhead or you want to coordinate your hue light system with your arrival home this app makes it easy for the average person to appear tech savvy.

Cool App, pretty easy to use.

Chris is Scruffy

I use it every day for searching Craigslist, weather updates and reminders to start or kill WiFi on my phone - so I guess I like it more than I thought I did...

The best


My favorite app

So many uses


Still discovering new uses, but I love voice controlling my smart home devices via Alexa.

Super cool tool

Internet of things user

Awesome way to connect all the internet of things we have grown to love. hue-echo-iOS-Nest-Google all connected and working together. Ha - who would have thought. Would live for Sony to jump into the recipe mix so I can add my tv receiver.... Great app making life easier to control.

Not working for me


I bought this app for one reason only, because now when you take a Note on an iPhone, it does not send you an email, which is super convenient especially when I'm in the car using voice recognition. So I did a formula that whenever I have a new reminder to send me an email. Sometimes they don't arrive at all, sometimes they are 12 hours or a day later. Useless to me.