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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Truly Amazing App!


Super great for Craig's List and EBay notifications! Many others as well. Use IF for all your automated notification needs!



Great program!

A necessity!


I can't imagine not having this app! It helps so so much to handle repetitive daily tasks! Bravo!!

Looking for original IFTTT SITE


Had WEMO and other recipes up and running on IFTTT. Everything was working and then app was lost. Have to find a work around method.

Cool app that helps automate tasks


I like having this connection to various internet connected devices. I look forward to more recipes that will help me collect data about my everyday life.

New to the If app!


So far so good! I've just two recipes so far, but they are doing the job for what I want (sport scores & weather). I will continue to more useful things to do with it.

Useful and fun

doctor marge

Whether you want to know if the international space station is passing overhead or you want to coordinate your hue light system with your arrival home this app makes it easy for the average person to appear tech savvy.

Cool App, pretty easy to use.

Chris is Scruffy

I use it every day for searching Craigslist, weather updates and reminders to start or kill WiFi on my phone - so I guess I like it more than I thought I did...

The best


My favorite app

So many uses


Still discovering new uses, but I love voice controlling my smart home devices via Alexa.