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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

What happened!?


This app has suddenly become complete trash. My existing applets are still working but making new ones with services I already have connected is completely disabled. I can’t even figure out how to get to my existing applets. I’ve never seen a worse update to an app or service. Avoid this until they fix everything.



Used to be easy to create your own



I’ve been away from the app for a while. Came back to try to automate some smarthome things via the maker channel. Boy did you guys [email protected]&@$ up this app. I don’t know if you are trying to make it easier for people who really shouldn’t be using an app like this or have simply lost focus on what it is you are doing. It is unusable. Hopefully apple opens up Shortcuts a little more (yeah right), but this is sad.

Another great app killed for no reason


In the vein of Microsoft BOB, IFTTT has “simplified“ to the point of uselessness. All I want & need is to connect my services and build my own functions, but that’s either no longer possible or incredibly well-hidden in the annoying and frustrating overhaul. This looks & feels like it was driven by a marketing “expert” with no background or understanding of IoT, logic, or UX.

Applet stopped working


I set up the applet to notify me by text whenever the Blink security camera is triggered. It worked a few times, but now just errors out. Not impressed.

Using with Particle Photon


Using IFTTT as a method to communicate with a Particle Photon. Using it to open and close a door for my chicken coop and keep the chicken water filled. So far I have figured out how to send notifications for problems. Hoping it will also allow me to control the door remotely and change the open/close times but haven't figured that part out yet.

What us email address


It says to email tasks to have them show in Todoist but doesn't give address u

Great app! Love this app!


If you can dream it, you can do it.




Please include Synology Surveillance Station service

MS Syno

I have a Ring Doorbell and trying to capture and record motion on Synology Surveillance Server but I don’t see that service available... I see that you guys allow that for QNAP Surveillance and it would be nice if you can include Synology as well. Your app does wonderful things and I applaud you guys for making this app