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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Like magic, only better


Using this app, in a matter of seconds I can click a few times and create incredibly-useful automation routines between apps, devices, and services that never worked together before. Leaving the house? Automatically start the Roomba. Entering the house? Automatically send the Roomba home. Someone turned on the coffee maker? Send me and alert. Oh, and turn the coffee maker off automatically after 30 minutes. Added an item to your Todoist list? Append the item details to a note in Evernote or a new row in a Google Sheet to track what’s new. This app even lets me trigger things with Alexa voice commands! The possibilities are endless. It’s all like magic, only better!

New design is impossible to use


So frustrating.

Service is Good. App is Awful.


Can't login. I can login via the web, but not the app. I use a username not password. The web still takes usernames. Most updates sign you out of the app. UI is simply awful.



The app does not load services, widgets and recipes or about anything properly making it completely useless and unusable. Really disappointed.



Not only innovative and user friendly but great tool to help educate yourself on the seamless integration of apps.

Pretty usefull


I find that it is Really Handy and easy to use but it would be nice if you could link multiple actions to one thing and if it would be available in other languages like Swedish and Dutch

App crashes on load


Please fix.



This app is amazing, seriously if you like smart home stuff then YES, you would love this

This would be even cooler

drummer man

I have not seen a type skill, or scene. It would be nice if this app could have a camera trigger a voice response from its motion detection . Example, some cameras have talk back two way communication. So like IF.... a specific camera was triggered, THEN ...you could have a prerecorded response speak through the speaker of selected camera or said device. Cool huh ? Implement that feature and you will receive total 5 stars.

Great in theory, maybe great for some people

The Real Cinnabear

I've tried repeatedly with this software. Like a half dozen times. Even just a simple "turn a group of lights on at dusk" turns EVERY light in the house on. Are they in one group? No. I've tried setting up a widget where a particular light comes on automatically when we leave....doesn't work. I give up.

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