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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Awesome ?


The app makes it easy to create or edit IFTTT recipes while away from my main PC. Works great. I have not had any issues with creating recipes, editing recipes or finding pre made recipes with this app.

Great app


Ive used IF for months for reminders and all sorts of things. Really helpful and they are always adding more functions.

Two Thirds of the Recipes Don't Work


I have six recipes. Four do not work. One star is a pretty easy decision.

Awesome app


Talk about simplifying your life! I have one wish tho, PLEASE get this to work with MY FITNESS PAL!!!



Wish this had been around sooner...

This app is the best

Bob the pancake

I really love this app. I use it to do everything from turning off the lights when I leave to alerting my cable box when it Starts to rain.

This app is great


Plan on spending a lot of time trying all kinds of cool stuff. It's worked flawless.



Excellent app! Keep up the good work guys!

Fantastic app

Andrew Brimberry

Thank you for giving me the ability to automate so many things that weren't possible before. iOS Reminders recipes still not 100%. Adding something to Alexa shopping list to add to iOS Reminders doesn't work if that item already exists and is marked completed in iOS Reminders.

Programing without knowing you actually are!


This app is just GREAT. you are coding and you do not realize you are.