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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Great app


I've used this app to sync with Slack and Trello. Works well so far, just wish there were more business like recipes.

A must have app ...


... that will never disappoint.


D. Hill

While I have yet to test out how well the application's recipes are executed between services, in terms of design and browsing IFTTT gets high marks. The app employs a slick and colorful interface that allows you to search for recipes by category or featured sections. Many of the most popular applications or ones you would expect to get the most out of a service like this are listed such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Philips Hue. I would like the app to add a saved recipes section for services you want to connect later on or just keep in mind. When trying to create a recipe the app can be a bit confusing in that it takes you to the website and then asks you for your account information several times. You seem to go around in circles after selecting the recipe you want to set but I have to look in further to discovery the real problem here. With that said this is a app that could become essential to your daily mobile lifestyle in ways we haven't thought of yet. That is enough to recommend this app for now.

Great app, fantastic time saver

David Chartier

A killer way to save time collecting information, saving photos, and lots of other stuff you'd rather not do manually. I use it to archive favorited tweets in Evernote, save Swarm checkins to a Day One journal, and to email me about specific other things. Great app. Get it.

Love the application!


I love the ease of creating new recipes, it would be better if trello could fix their connection!!!

Never worked


None of the triggers ever worked consistently . I have tried it over a year and never able to rely on it. Time to remove now .

Lots of possibilities.


Works great. Your imaginary is the key!

Works for basic use


Good app, does basics that are needed.

Solid app


It took me some time to figure out how it could help me. Once I got going, I really liked it. The rules are easy to create.



Best GTD app