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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Great app and programmer.


Only thing would be if it would do multi step "If this and this then do a& b.


MTNclimber 2014

Great App with a couple of bugs. Recipes turn on after you select off. Even after you turn them off multiple times.

Best app ever made!!


I love this app! It works extremely well and is coded very nicely! This app has no limits, there are so many thing you can do to create shortcuts in your life to make everything easier on yourself!

I like it


It's nice

Great Helper App!


I try to download only Free Apps. I have this set up to notify me when an app becomes free. Some apps are only free for a very limited time but this app will let you know so you can get them right away! Much better than websites you check for free apps!

Isn't reliable

Me!!! !!!!!

Recipes run success rate isn't very high. Location occasionally doesn't work. I tried pausing my recipes with the toggle switch, when I close the app and re-open they are enabled again! I had to delete them instead of pausing.

So amazing and so simple


It's so amazing and so simple on such a variety of topics that improve the quality of your Social Media experience. I love it!

What fun


We have an Echo and Hue lights. I am having so much fun.

Doesn't work

Bob Irish

Unable to connect & really confusing. Still unable to make it work. The APP needs too be easier to work. I thought it would send notices to you phone through to your phone.

Different Apps work harmoniously.


Who would've thought it could be so simple. I'm not a programmer, but this makes me feel like becoming one. Never thought you could make different apps work together to achieve one goal. So simple. Where have I been. This is great!