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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc



IF SO THEN SO.... a great organizational tool, a trendsetter.

Great service, but branding is confusing


The service works well and has a lot of potential. However, the branding is completely confusing. The app is called IF, but also does things (DO). Makes no sense.

IFFT is a must have


I told my son one day a few weeks ago "The only thing missing from this phone's OS (iOS) is the ability to perform if/then functions." He almost yelled at me "You've GOT to get ifft. It will do exactly what you are thinking of!" He was right! This makes my iPhone & iPad complete!

Periodically Gets It Totally Wrong

OGSM Student

Good app. However, for inexplicable reasons, recipes go sideways and I've only been able to resolve the issues my deleting a recipe and recreating it.



This app honestly is amazing. Some of the bad reviews don't understand what they are doing. I assure you, with a little Google search, you should be able to work with this app flawlessly. Thank you for reading.



Really a great and useful app. I used it with my alarm system to implement a Geofence.

Great app!


You can automate/pair this with just about anything. I like what it does with Ooma phone service and Hue lights.

Great for home automation


Have been using IFTTT for a few years, but its killer application is home automation. Easy to set up recipes from the app.

A coder's app


Love IFTTT!! Yes, people make some stupid recipes... But if you can get past it, it's a really easy way to learn about conditional statements.

Love this app!!


I use this for everything from getting real-time weather updates, to managing my company's social media profiles, to even reminding me to drink water more often. Killer app. Not perfect but super useful.