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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Great app for automating many things !

Riad Kaced

Awesome app, keep in the hard work



Update: Newer update still crashing within 10 seconds of starting to app. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still get the same result. ————- The latest version crashes right after I open it on my iPad Pro. Running 13.4.

Crashing, but there's hope!


Mine keeps crashing too, but I've been able to make any changes to my services through the IFTTT website. They're all running fine smoothly in the background, I just can't edit them on this app. Until they fix the crashing, I'm using the website.

Absolute garbage!


There’s no clear way to create an applet anymore and the app constantly crashes! Very disappointing. Whoever’s dumb idea this new update was should never be allowed to update this app ever again. Also, put back the apps for Note and Camera Widget, and fix them so they work! So inconvenient the way it is!😡👎🏻

Love the service


But still crashing on my iPhone 11 Pro Max 264gb running 13.4.5 beta.

Nice so far


Great and easy app and could be a base for new platform for everything, which will make your live and your thoughts all together connected to one platform which you can view



Completely unusable. Crashes anytime I try to do anything with it.

Keep crashing


Every time I open the app and try to browse more applets, it crashes. Please fix it.

Unusable, crashes every 5 seconds


04/09: iOS 13.4.5 crashes every few seconds after EVERY time I open the application. Will update review when fixed.

Crash fixes aren’t fixing crashes


Just updated, reinstalled the latest version. The app has become unstable to the point of crashing upon opening.

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