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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc



So useful helps with so much

What in the world were they thinking?


What’s the point of the app now? What person decided it was a good idea to take away the ability to create new triggers?! The only reason why one would use IFTTT. I’m going to find an alternative.

Was awesome until they changed the UI


Someone is smoking something at IFTTT. I challenge you to find a list of your Applets.

Hard to use interface


Why did you guys mess up a GREAT thing the old app interface was easy to use and navigate. The new app is just trash all around I have to hunt on how to create a trigger and where are my old widgets?!?

No HomeKit support


Can’t automate my HomeKit devices. If it would it could automate scenes across platforms, but without, it is kind of useless to me.

Doesn’t work anymore.


Things that worked for years now fail. Total crap now.

ETimedOut without explanation, no support for multiple actions


I’ve configure many Applets, each doing just 1 thing (action) at “Sunrise”, and just as many, each doing 1 thing at “Sunset”. All but 1 action (to SmartLife) reports ETIMEDOUT when they run (with no detail as to WHAT, exactly, timed out). It would also be nice to be able to have MULTIPLE actions for each trigger (either “everything” to do at sunrise, or the 2 or 3 things for each device). There’s also no (apparent) way to “prioritize” the actions (or move the applets around to more logically organize them)

Technology working together.

Real Sriggs747

I love the way these recipes and applets leverage the different smart home technology in your home to work together, better serving you and your world. I’m a big fan, and share IFTTT with every friend interested in Smart Home technology.

I hate the new app

Brewmaster C

I absolutely hate the new app, I’ve spent 30 minutes trying to creat an applet, still no idea. Why did you all ruin the app?

Completely nonintuitive app


Simple tasks like updating a phone number for various phone scripts is impossible to figure out where to go. Can’t figure out how to delete a widget. Terrible.