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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

LOVE this app but current version is horrendous.


Something happened y’all. I can’t create my own widgets? The little pull up screen can’t be pushed back down? This is horrendous. Please fix immediately.

Triggering User Created Applets


It would be really nice to have the ability to use nested IF in applets so you could have multiple conditions like time and location for example. If that’s not feasible, then the ability to trigger user created applets could accomplish the same thing. Suppose I want to turn on my porch light when I arrive at home. It makes no sense to do this during daylight hours, but after sunset it would be useful. So the ability to create a trigger for sunset then run a location applet would be helpful. I imagine there are many situations where the utility of applets would increase significantly by being able to add a condition or be able to trigger from another applet. PLEASE? Oh, and by the way, easier access to more documentation would be really nice.

Removed ability to create an applet


I’m previous versions there was an ability to create applets, but it is apparently removed in the latest one. It’s not very useful as a result.

How does it work?


This app has no instructions on how to use it. Apparently, The examples given are supposed to be so transparent that you can figure everything out just by looking at them. I couldn't. So it goes. This app is highly rated for its function. It would be nice if it had a button somewhere that said "user guide" on it.

Very disappointing app for a great service


I’ve used IFTTT since it launched in 2011 and it’s been a great service for automating and linking together other web services. This new version of the app is hard to navigate, hard to view your recipes, and hard to create new recipes. The design direction seems to put form above function and works against the user.

Latest Update Not User Friendly


Who thought it was a good idea to change the format this drastically?

The new interface is so confusing!


I’m not sure what they were thinking but I can’t find anything anymore

Awful update


Why can’t I toggle events on or off anymore? This is incredibly annoying.

Do not update - Since past update it is impossible to create a new applet


I deleted the App to gain access to the web version. There I can click on the user icon to get a pull down menu with a create entry. It is unavailable on the iPad app. So this is a poor upgrade. You need the create option in order to create a new applet. Same on android as well.

I’m lost. The new UI is awful.

Larissa's iPhone 6

I don’t understand how to create new widgets, it only lets me configure ones that other people made. Please bring back the old UI that everyone was used to.