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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Good service


Very Helpful



Changing the interface every 2 weeks. Let me pick a service to “if” then another to “that”, I don’t need you to blow my mind every time I open the app. Fire everyone on your UX team. Your design is bad and you should feel bad.

Notifications broken


In the latest update I’ve lost the ability to click a notification and see the full notification in the IFTTT app. I still receive notifications fine, but clicking now brings me to a black screen with the IFTTT logo and an endless spinning loading circle - and there’s no way to exit this screen to access other parts of the app; I have to force quit the app and reopen it :(

This app is great!


Almost anything you can ask for delivers with this app. It helps create new commands that makes life easier but I wish you can assign more than one smart device in one command other than that, it’s a 10/10 for me.

Great start


Already found what I wanted.

Mostly a fail


Most of the items I’ve enabled don’t work properly. Wyze communication spotty, fail unexpectedly. Simply a waste of time and energy.

Doesn’t work...no way to contact them for help


ComEd and IFTTT don’t work together. It sends false messages all the time and there is no way to talk with anyone about how to fix it.

Getting worse and worse

No Forced Upgrade

I just want to setup a work flow for kids staying at home routine, and seriously I need to pay $199 to become a developer? No thanks!

Love this app but...

The Last Man 56

Why does it often ask if this or that site can be added to my reading list? Even after I've allowed it many times?

Apps do NOT work in background


Couple of updates recently and (take a guess) applets still do not work. IFTTT has turned into complete s$&t!

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