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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

A bummer!


This latest update is horrible! Why ruin a decent app that works and change the whole dynamics of its purpose. To be simple to navigate. There's no way to test the mechanics or edit simply. This is a waste of talent..bring back the working version..PLEASE!!

New update is not working


Use this app all the time. Now with the latest version, links in rich notifications don't work and I can't find my applets to edit them. All I can do is add more but why would I want to when the ones that I had don't even work anymore? Update: adding a star to two. I now understand the new layout isn't about adding more. It's organizing what I already have differently. Still don't like it and many still don't work but not as bad as the initial impression. Update 2: Rich notifications are working again so another star to 3.

New App

Really Also Frustrated

The prior version was much easier.

Hot mess


New UI is abysmal - can’t even figure out how to create a new recipe on iPad without going to the website. Yikes.


Andrew Jk Rownlings

Once you get the hang of it, it’ll change your mobile life for as long as the app exists! Why I’d never heard of it before is a mystery to me... recommending to EVERYONE!★★★★★

Used to be accessible with voiceover.


It used to deserve five stars, now I only give it one. I first installed this app a few months ago and it worked amazing with voiceover, voiceover is a screen reader program that is provided by Apple on all of their Apple devices, and when I first used the IFTTT app all the menus and options were read perfectly, now this last time I have tried using the app with voiceover the only thing is that it read button, button, button. Developers please, I hope you can go back into the app and make it accessible with voiceover once again. Thank you

Love the service, apps getting worse


Let me be clear - IFTTT is great, and I use it regularly to automate things. However, the UX for the app itself has been steadily declining over the last two major updates. Certain things are starting to be hidden behind menus, rather than easily accessible. Why do I have to click on my profile pick to find the option to view my activity? Why do I have to click on the “get more” button before I find the tiny little button to create my own “applet” rather than sift through a bunch of pre-made ones? Why do I have to scroll down to the bottom of an applet’s description to see the save button? Why does the app not give me an “unsaved changes” warning after hitting the back button because I didn’t realize I have to actively hit the save button that was off screen so I didn’t know it existed? Why do I have to pretend to create a new applet before I can scroll through a list of services just to see what’s out there? I could probably go on.

Location service is horrible


I've attempted to use the location service to activate devices and it has failed miserably. I've had the location trigger active for several weeks and it has repeatedly failed to work. On one occasion the trigger went off about 3 hours after entering the area. In the most recent failure which prompted this review, the entering area trigger never occurred until I actually left the area, a full day later. Obviously this was not what was desired and I have now disabled the use of the app. It is a great idea which could be very useful if it actually worked.

New UI is terrible


The redesign is pre-skoolish and terrible waste of screen space. The widget screen is unintuitive and a poor UX.

Pointlessly obtuse.


There’s no reason for this to be as hard to use as it is. Why can’t I find the button to create a new rule? This is what the tool is for and it’s hidden for some reason.