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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Love it


User friendly, widely expansive. Best thing on my phone

Not a big fan of the new service.


You don’t see to be able to build your own applets (at least not easily).


Mrs Forgetful

When time is of the essence then scrolling through widgets is the worse!!! I love the app but can be a bit time consuming searching for a created widget to do the task you’re seeking. Please add a search bar with tags!

The worst redesign I ever met


It is so difficult to use the new app. A lot of existing features were omitted

Love IFTTT hate the new app


I get that it needed to be simplified but it’s impossible to find my existing applets or edit services without going to the web interface. Some simple tweaks would make it better.

New version is atrocious


The idea is simple and powerful - IF something THEN something. Now the app is almost useless for browsing, creating and editing. I can’t even find the triggers and actions for services. I utterly love IFTTT, but this app is now garbage. I really don’t like using that word to describe what someone else put effort into, but please take community feedback and re-work the app so it lives up to the awesome reputation IFTTT has in general.



Miss being able to title your post yourself

Latest update broke everything


Can’t navigate anymore after you clicked one button. No way to create new rules/apps/flows/recipes. Not sure what the the developers were thinking. Did they test this at all?? Completely useless now.

You’ve ruined a great app with a terrible UI

JD Fetterly

Since starting to use IFTTT there have been a at least 2 UI changes and the most recent has basically broken the app. I can’t figure out how to access my applets and there are certain menus I can’t seem to get out of and so have to close the app and open it again. Please, IFTTT, go back to keeping it simple to use and create applets

I’m actually sad


I didn’t use this much, but it worked by itself for years, with very little intervention. I’m not a programmer and trying how to get the other competitors applications to do the same as this one did has me frustrated and sad. I’d rather they offer a paid version, and keep the old interface. Please bring back old version, I’ll pay monthly or annual so the company can survive. Please reconsider the changes. Please!