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IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Does not work well with Abode


Almost daily I receive a notification from ifttt and I have to re-sign in.

Works well most of the time


It does keep a customizable journal of activity. It can still be hard to figure out how to link different apps to get the goal and after so many activations it sometimes reaches a limit.

Super helpful app


I use it to track my work hours because I often forget to.



Should be waaaayyyy more widely supported.

Great, When The Applet Works


Some applets work consistently, but others, that are set up using the same formula don’t. I would use it a lot more if it were consistent.

Doesn’t work on nest and blink on off


Doesn’t work on nest and blink on off

Works great

BS electric

Great applets.

Great app - until Siri Shortcuts

Jeff Chapman

Great app - until Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 takes over

Increased productivity

fever 43

I’ve struggled to find the right task app that had everything I wanted. IFTTT adds additionally functionality to give me exactly what I need....multiple platforms working together.

Need more compatibilities


Add more service for different apps