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“iFolders Safe" is the first file explorer for portable devices.
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Productivity $2.99 Gianluca Natalini iPhone, iPad, iPod

With "iFolders Safe" you can:
- Save and manage your files and folders as you did with your computer (NEW FOLDER and subfolder, CUT, COPY, PASTE, RENAME, DELETE, ZIP, MODIFY)
- Create folders PUBLIC (accessible to all), PRIVATE (accessible only in private mode and protected by a unique password) or PROTECTED (accessible only in private mode and each protected by a different password)
- Copy your images into the mobile device by using folders and subfolders, with the same way as when You save them on the hard disk of Your PC (COPY / PASTE or CUT / PASTE or iTunes File Sharing)
- View images (individually, browsing them manually one by one, using the automatic slideshow with interval adjustable between 3, 5, 7, 10 seconds, with normal or random visualization and loop similar to the electronic photo frames)
- Set cover for your folders and subfolders (choose the image you want)
- Save and view documents
- Save and view video / film
- Save and play music (even as a soundtrack for the slide - with album cover selectable)
- Share saved files with other applications (for example DROPBOX) or send them by email
- Compress (ZIP) or decompress (UNZIP) files saved in the file system of your device or received for example by email
- Have more details on selected files and folders (image resolution, file size, path, number of files and folders contained into a folder, etc...)

- Multiple selection of file, folders and subfolders
- PICTURES SLIDESHOW (manual, automatic, normal, random, loop - with selectable interval between a picture and the next one)
- PUBLIC, PRIVATE, PROTECTED mode (password protected folders)
- Selectable COVERS
- Universal viewer (picture, music, video, document)
- Filesystem explorer

- You pay it only once and it runs on all Your devices.


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