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Idle Tap Splash Park

Grab your rubber ring and have fun creating the most popular water park in the world! Invest your money wisely and you'll have a queue from here to the Nevada Falls.
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I love the game

So much funnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!


When I downloaded it I thought it would just be a regular tycoon but it’s soooooo different

More ads than game

You’ll spend much more time watching ads than playing the game.

Idle splash park

It reminds me that the time I went on the awesome trip to Jamaica


This game is amazing by the fun and just good graphics:)

It’s great
i like to workout on this game

It is great it’s a really good game it is fun to play but also a lot of ads

Ads ads ads

You have to watch a video even if you choose to skip it. You’re forced ads are annoying.

Just ads

OMG, could they try to force even more ads into this with nothing to do? I have certainly played several of these idle games before and this is ridiculous!


I saw this game on Instagram and it looked fun. It was not fun, IT WAS SUPER FUN.It is so quick and easy and I want to see more updates. This game is my favorite game I’ve ever played.

Please no more ADS

The game is really fun and enjoyable but there are lots of ads, other than that the graphics are awesome and the game is really addicting!

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