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Idle Stickman is free iOS app published by Zplay (Beijing) Info. Tech. Co.,Ltd.


Random Swedish boi

It does not work every time I tap on screen it crashes. :(

Pretty good


I can’t prestige because I can’t watch adds but other then that it is good



I love it!!! Though it’s a basic “idle” game I think there is sooo much more you can do with this.. with my creativity I had it set up to where every 15 gates is where you fight the BIG BAD like the Saga of course. You guys should add more backgrounds to the gates and a BOOK LOAD of more villains, it’s a great adaption. You guys should take this app to the next level honestly! Make mission to do in some way, and I was also think of like a war zone at some point between the “Stickmen” and the henchmen of the other villains! It’s just a little thought, it would definitely be something I’d do if I was that advanced!! Much LOVE🖤.. QUOTE ME!!!! ~Elijah T. Alston

Devs, I found a bug!


So, I like the “Prestige” thing where I watch an advertisement. Here is the thing, if you get prestige level 30, it goes into Negative numbers. I don’t understand. Then I got it again, and it is just 0. Pls help, I just wasted my boy

I need help


I love this game but i cant prestige the characters. I tried deleting it and reinstalling but it still does not work. Can someone help me?

Great game, hate the ads

That one kid from Texas!

Wish I could pay for no ads

Idle stick man

my name is 1000

It’s cool



Too good can’t stop playing



Its a really great game but the videos don’t work pls fix it




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