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Idle Miner Tycoon: Cash Empire

Automate your goldmine, manage your idle profits & become an industrial tycoon. Upgrade your empire and boost your economy! Hire managers to automate the process!
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Games Free Kolibri Games GmbH iPhone, iPad, iPod

Come up with the fastest mining strategy and earn as much mineral as possible.

• Use managers to automate your workflow and increase your idle income
• Earn idle gold even while you're offline
• Invest smart and optimize your profits
• Each manager has a special tycoon effect
• Up to 4 different mines
• 4 Types of minerals: Coal, Gold, Ruby and Diamond
• Playable without an internet connection

◆◆◆ Become the greatest gold tycoon ever! ◆◆◆

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Idle Miner!

Very fun and time consuming game. I find myself coming back to it every chance I get.

Que buen juego
d se bddudhdhdvvfvdhehdju

Me encanta Idle miner


Been playing for a couple day now. It’s a lot of fun. My only issue is that a free chest should be given without needing to watch an ad

Jacob French 85000

This game is awesome I may be eight years old but I love it

Great time waster



I’m in love with this app I just got it and I already have hundreds and thousands of dollars 💵

Money waster
The weeb pErson

I worked very hard to get a lot of money and the gabe made me waste it all😠 now i have to restart

Nice game
rick my pal

The bast game ever it is satisfying 5 stars it was an awesome game

Very Nice

Great game. Sometimes I have to wait but that just teaches you to be patient (if you don’t have super cash then this applies. Again great game. Please keep on making more games like this. Oh, can you guys make more mines please? Thanks.



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