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Dead Rats and birds and Whales ! Where do they disappear ??
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Heard of Maggots ?
Yes , its the maggots which eat them and leave the carcass behind !
Produce maggots and eat them !


Has Great Potential

I first downloaded this app out of pure morbid curiosity. It sounded like it could be satisfying in a gross sort of way, and so I downloaded it I have sensory issues and something about this game really calms me down (I know it makes me sound like a freak, given the content of the game, but hear me out) The animations are adorable and relaxing, not gross or violent. I grew curious about the sound effects and was very surprised by how serene the music and sounds effects were From the soft piano music, to the gentle sound of the maggots feeding, even to the sound it makes when you buy an upgrade it all feels very gentle, all while watching the animal slowly fade away and reveals its skeleton. There are a couple bugs (ha pun) that could be ironed out. The upgrade sign animation could loop smoother, so it doesn’t have that jagged look to it when it loops from the beginning I think the game itself is too easy to progress, I personally would like to work for it a bit more I think too much money is given from the beginning. After the rat I gained 52 mil and could buy basically infinite upgrades from that point on, and really whip through subsequent levels fast. The ads do come semi frequently but not at an overwhelming pace. I also think the remove ads price is a bit high I think 2.99 would be more reasonable Overall I think the game has great potential and I hope the creators continue to polish it up

Blue screen of death
mc. fish

Whenever i play the game it sometimes gives me this blue screen so i have to delete it and reinstall it. It's weird


Why isn’t this more popular?


I do not like it you have to kill why can’t they eat food instead of animals what if a child sees the add they will be like …

Another game fillies with ads

It’s one of those idle games where there’s so many ads that you can barely play it

Type Psych Aultbiplux

Ahh thank you! It’s a morbid curiosity lovers dream I have some ideas How about zombie maggots and soldier maggots ?

Thank you for this game

Keep it up ??

jax the shark

Really laggy if you have a lot of maggots

Super cool

Super cool

Very gross

Well I am so this game you’re stupid

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