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Idle Fish Factory is an idle game, in which the players' goal is to produce as much oxygen as possible.
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Countless numbers of cute and busy little fish help the player in this task.

Key features:
- eye-pleasing graphics of the underwater world
- highly-engaging gameplay (many elements to control and manage)
- over 200 levels to reach - fun for hours
- oxygen bottles production line with satisfying physics
- 40 different kinds of cute fish to unlock (more in the future)
- several boosters which make the gameplay more attractive
- no violence at all, it's all about producing oxygen for the sake of the World

Unlock new tanks full of fish and plants and become the biggest oxygen producer in the whole World!


This is amazing!

Now before you say, "Oh, this is a knock-off of Bee Factory!" don't. I already know that, but the reason my rating is still five stars is that this app is actually compatible with iOS 9! Bee factory isn't, even though it's literally the same game as this but with bees and honey instead of fish tanks and oxygen. And, my opinion is a bit biased. This is because I absolutely love fish tanks filled with unique and beautiful fish. In this game, you can have over 20 fish tanks, and you don't even need to feed the fish! I play this game to watch the fishes swim around, but the tycoon aspect also keeps me coming back for more!

Game problems

I’m at the last stage the game fish and every time a unlock it the games crashes not letting me move to the last level. Please fix this bug.

Amazing game

I love SeaFish factory. It is one if the best games ever! But here is the one problem. I am at the maximum level. I want to level up more but I can’t. Please add a lot more fish in so I can continue playing. When you do or if you do I will continue to play this game. But at least I can upgrade the money


Overall it is a nice game but they need to keep adding stuff I finished the game in a week and it says it will add more plants and fishes but it has not in 2 months



Hi 2005 ~~!!

It’s a great game! You should totally get it, and there is so much to do in it. It’s really interactive.


Ok,I like it.But ummmmm,there’s some mistakes.First of all,Smartfon fish?Really?Really?Its spelled smartphone ya dumbo.Second,in money after millions it gets kinda weird,aa?bb?cc?dd?Does it really go on like that?Third,Shark fish?JUST SAY SHARK YA DUMBO A SHARK IS A FISH TOO!Other than those three complaints I’m good with the game.But if I find ANY more mistakes with the game the-oh yeah Nemo fish?really.?????????? that’s it those are my four complaints but remember is you make ANY more mistakes then I’m coming for you!Btw I’m jshogan81’s son.BYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!

Awesome with non-intrusive ads

Thank you so much! Really fun too.


Great game I like the fish and it’s easy and reminds me of bubbles the fish I had but then it died so I was really sad so I looked up fish and this came up and I’m only 73 and I still need the fish yes the fish idle game