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ID Photo, free online production and preservation of electronic ID photos.
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The operation is simple, the fastest you only need to click 3 times, you can make the most beautiful ID photos.


· Photo beautification: make your ID photo no longer ugly.
· Intelligent identification background: modify the background color, white, blue, red background.
· Change men and women dress: dark, collar, formal dress, meet ID photo requirements.
· Photo shape selection: square or rectangular

You can use the ID Photo maker for:
ID Photos
Passport Photos
Visa Photos
Green Cards
Naturalization Certificates
School Documents
Corporate Identification
Firearm Permits
International Driving Permits
and much more ......

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App crashes constantly

After the last update this marvelous app becomes totally useless try to contact support but it is a Chinese website and seems not related to it!!!!!. Please fix it!!!!

Passport ID

Did these positive reviews use THIS app? Doubtful. The “how to” video does NOT line up with the actual app. Waste of my time and effort.


A waste of money. Absolutely useless

Very cool app.

I used to spend hours on Photoshop trying to create passport photos with not so great quality. With this app, I can create passport photo literary while walking. What a great app for the humanity. The only feature I would love to see to be added is saving the image as a 3x2 grid so that it can be printed on 6x4 inches size.

Right on man
Marty Theophilus

This one works and the last three I tried did not work. They give the white background that the US govt requires and it’s free. Thanks guys, God bless you.

Simply great

I’m a professional photographer. This app is super fun to use


I have uploaded several pictures and each time the app keeps changing and distorting my hair color. I’ve tried to use the “app help” but nothing come up. I’ve spent two hours on this app and am frustrated that it’s not working!


Very good app

US Dept of State did NOT accept these

We had to pay $15 per person at the passport office to redo our pictures when we brought these in. The stark white background looks artificial and photo shopped. The only one accepted was the photo done on a tan wall that did not get altered. If you have long hair it erases parts of it. Terrible app for passports.

Good app but...
All nicks are taken 98639

Excellent app! Just One little but important problem... the size (resolution) of the output is too low. Even after changing the settings to the highest resolution, still too low. Once pictures are printed, it’s very evident the final photo needs a better resolution.

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