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iconik is a new stock investment app where investors band together to push companies on social, environmental, and governance issues. All trades are $0 commission and with fractional shares, you can start investing with $1.
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Welcome to the first trading platform built around the power of investors united.

It works like this:
1) browse current campaigns to learn about important issues and inspiring campaign organizers,
2) to join a campaign, simply slide to the right to have your shareholder votes support the campaign. You can join campaigns for stock you already own, or you can buy stock after you join. Leave campaigns or sell stock whenever you want, you're in control.

You can buy and sell approximately 30,000 stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on the platform. Most of these are not associated with campaigns, but the iconik team is working hard every day to launch new ones on issues and companies that people care about.

We want more corporate accountability, but real change isn't happening. iconik is built to reclaim our power over companies, using the same tools that institutional investors use to combine resources and voting power. Join the movement!


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