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Ice Cream Cone Maker Festival

Create and design your own unique ice cream cones from scratch!
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[How to Play]

> Choose your own unique flavors
> Pour the flavors in the machine
> Select your unique cone cup
> Fill your cone with fresh ice cream
> Dip your ice cream
> Decorate your treat
> Save your cone and eat your creation!


> Thousands of unique possibilities
> Tons of unlockable designs, extras, and customizations
> Hours of fun!
> Save feature to to see old creations



It’s ok

They could improve on the home screen of it

Awesome Game

I love this game so much i can’t stop playing it but i don’t like that you can only make four things and i wish the choices were not all freezing things like ice cream and stuff i wish you could also make cake and other things but over all i would give this game a 9.8 out of 10 ITS AN AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!

Simple and fun for kids:
Guinness 70

Easy to play and fun! Our kids have fun just making different items.

Super Cute Game!

Lots of fun playing with my niece. Eating the ice cream cone as cool too (she like the sparkles?). I'll be honest... made me a little hungry:) Cool game!

Fun app for kids

My kid likes this

Ice cream

Nice game to become an ice cream vendor.

Fun with lots of options
Guinness Games

Ice Cream Cone Maker is simple and fun. There are many more options than ice cream cones like ice cream sandwiches, snow cones, ice pops and ice cream sundaes. You can even bake the parts for the ice cream sandwiches. The amount of things to do is really great.

Glen reed

My kids love this!

Cool app
Sergey Levchuk

This game makes me hungry I enjoy it!


Actually lots of fun and lots of options to make tons of things! Really cool overall