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Race through 7 deadly landscapes of spikes and bombs. Stress-test your reactions. Tap fast or game over!
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Games Free Neave Interactive Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

• FREE to play!
• Collect diamonds. Pick up shields. Go hyperspeed.
• Play with over 40 different characters.
• Super simple one-tap gameplay. Seriously fun.
• Stay hooked. Each game is a newly generated landscape.
• Retro-futuristic synthwave music tracks for each zone.
• Go live and broadcast your game on YouTube or Periscope.
• Challenge your friends on Game Center.

The only barrier to your progress is your own raw talent.

How far can you go?

This adrenaline-fuelled, endless runner arcade game is the ultimate test of your reactions. Race through seven cosmic landscapes while dodging deadly spikes and bombs approaching at breakneck speed.

Each zone is an infinitely-generated vertical landscape, unique to each time you play, powered by its own thumping, retro-futuristic synthwave music track.

The super simple one-tap, one-handed gameplay makes this game perfect for feeding your arcade addiction on the move. Hit the hyperspeed boosts and head up into oblivion. Shields provide little respite as you aim to reach new heights in these extreme universes.



Hyperscape is awesome! I love this game! One of my most favorite games... ...EVER!!!$!!!$!!!$!!!$!!!$!

Best game ever!

I love the sound track and the game concept! Keep making new themes!

angry or yrgna



This game is awesome! You can play as ice balls, fire balls, magic balls, and even poke balls! Multiple stages! The skins I named are not all the skins! Check this game out! Really fun!

Great Game

Very creative, always loved Neave.com (original site) I have no money to spend on apps, and this app is very accommodating of that. Very simplistic and stylish and smooth gameplay


Scams, ads, and poop. Can i have my $1.00 back please?

Love it!
Scoop Noble

To mix and match from character to landscape has to be the most awesome way to express what your thinking, feeling, or mood may be at the moment. I recommend this game to every and any person who just wants a lively game to play and show to their friends. Aloha.

Fantastic but

Literally might give you a seizure or heart attack. Stressful! Great music.


In an App Store plagued with half baked arcade games with ads around every corner, this game is a breath of fresh air as it offers itself with minimal ads at the users discretion. Coincided with a well thought out, fast paced, only one finger required game, it really shines in its ability to stay fun and replayable. 5/5.

Ads in the way

Some ads cannot be dismissed requiring you to quit & restart the app. Ugh.