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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Used to be great, but...


I used to LOVE using this app. But the latest update on my new phone keeps giving me an error that states: “stabilization not supported”. Never done this in the past, so not sure what happened?

Why doesn’t this support the new iPhone 11 Pro Max


Wasting ten minutes of crucial Filipino to have unsupported stabilization. The app is useless right now for new phones

No stabilization available (iPhone 11 Pro)


I have used this app since it was first available for both time lapse and video stabilization. All I get with my new iPhone 11 pro is a warning that the stabilization is not supported. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but no change. Very disappointing ?


Eugene J

They do not acknowledge or try to fix the stabilization for iPhone 11 Pro. This is sad. This was my favorite program.

Does not work for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Bing Dicklepuss

Hasn’t been updated in a year. Too bad. I was looking forward to an improvement on iOS native time lapse which doesn’t give enough control. But stabilization is the killer feature, and without it I can only use this for still time lapses. I guess I’ll give it two stars, because it may still work well for still timelapases. But, when it comes down to it, the app is broken.

Amazing app!!


Great app!! I love using it!!



while the feature to lapse thru time is cool, I really dislike that what you see when recording doesn’t include what it’s actually capturing. So there isn’t a way to properly adjust what is or isn’t in frame

Worthless on modern iPhones


App can't stabilize with iPhone 11 Pro Max. The phone has been out for months now and Instagram can't be bothered to update this app? That is pathetic. Updated July 2020- Facebook/Instagram this is just sad. This could be a great app. Someone needs to wake up and fix it though. Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to contact Facebook/Instagram though.

No stabilization on iPhone 11 Pro


Why no stabilization on iPhone 11 Pro?


Young Mdd