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In the open-world game Naughty Pigeon Simulator, you play the role of some of the most notorious pigeons in the world and engage in various naughty activities. Furthermore, you need to look for and gather little sticks from various spots to build your nest, which must be located at a height where other animals like cats cannot reach it. Pigeons struggle among themselves so they may not eat the grains from our nest, and they are aware of city cat attacks, which might tempt them to eat the grains from the floor of a house. There are actual people and other creatures in the open world, but you have to engage in naughty activities like Shit on a police car and flying away, several students are having an argument you come and throw shit on them. Play the pigeon game and engage in naughty pigeon activities.
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Games TASAWAR HUSSAIN iPhone, iPad, iPod

Game Features:
- Modern environment with birds.
- Naughty pigeon activities.
- Nice sound effect and camera views.
- Exciting game levels and characters.


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